What If You’re Not Ready To Be A Parent?

What If You’re Not Ready To Be A Parent?

At times it feels like the ABCs of life. You get a job, get married and have kids. The rest is history; or is it? Well not everyone is ready to fall into this routine just yet. Although many people do consider having a family at a young age, work and careers often get in the way. It’s only right that you try to aim for your goals in the professional sense before you head off to be a parent full-time. However, if only life were that smooth, but luckily we’re not machines that can be turned on or off. Life is complicated, and you can run into issues all the time of any kind. Some things you just cannot avoid altogether which means you have to prepare. If you’re not ready to be a parent here are some things you can do in the meantime.

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Read up baby health care


Okay, so you’re not planning on having a baby just yet, that’s fine. What you can do in your spare time is to read up on how newborn babies are kept healthy. Lots of parents actually are quite right to feel like they’re lost in the woods while embodying the spirit of a headless chicken. Don’t be one of those people. When it comes to vaccines, jabs and other preventive measures, you have a whole wealth of information online. Take a peek at governmentally approved websites that are regional and at state level healthcare providers. Even just typing into Google News search terms like ‘baby health’ and ‘baby illness symptoms’ will give you a list of potential articles to read up on.


Taking measures


Living a hectic life of a young professional opens you up to a world of new possibilities. During your early years of hard work, innovation, climbing the career ladder and taking on new and weighted responsibilities also comes with meeting new people. Suddenly you find yourself in a romantic and serious relationship, but you’re both still focussed on career goals. One day an unfortunate event happens in that you find out, despite your safe sex adherence you’re pregnant. Not wanting to be a mother just yet, there are people who can help you through a tough and emotionally sensitive time. Companies like Family Planning Associates Medical Group offer different abortion procedures and methods. The staff will look after you and take the time to actually listen to you. Every case is different, and your health and wellbeing are going to be a high priority.

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Get used to it


Putting off making your own family can soon begin to weigh on you. Self-doubt is horrible in the best of circumstances, but when it comes to feeling worthy of being a parent, it can be debilitating. Do not allow these feelings to overcome you. If and when you can offer to babysit for your friends and family. This will keep you in tune with babies and being a good mother. Listen to their calls and cries, and get used to how they react to different things like changing diapers and feeding time.


Chasing your career is important to who you are. Life has more to offer than a family even though that side of life is incredibly important. There’s no use in going cold turkey then, so keep in touch with some form of parenting up until you’re finally ready.

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