Why It’s Important To Give Your Dog Quiet Time

It’s a common misconception that dogs love attention. Not every dog is the same, just as all of us humans aren’t. Every dog needs a little bit of alone time, and it’s vital for their development and contentment that they get it. Having a busy household with children can be an immense stress factor for pet dogs, although they may not show it until they’ve had the final straw and snapped at somebody who was undeserving. It can be hard to read the signals for wanting some peace and quiet, especially as most of them can be mixed up with human emotion equivalents – but a dog ‘smiling’ is definitely not the same as us beaming at something that makes us happy. So what do we need to do to ensure that our furry friends are getting the time out they deserve?

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Give Them A Designated Safe Space

You may find that, over time, you dog has found a nice quiet space for them to settle and relax in. It may still be quite open, so you could consider purchasing them an indoor dog house beforehand to really give them their own domain. There are reviews for the best ones for your house size and budgets on sites such as pawcastle.com, so you won’t be stuck to find one to suit your needs. This also highlights to those visiting your house and children that may be too young to understand the whole concept that it is a safe space for your dog.

Read The Signals

When a dog yawns, we mostly assume that it’s tired. This can be true in some situations, but it can also be an indicator of stress. Lips curling up into a smile may look friendly, but it’s again a stress signal that your dog is giving out. Bowing down into the ground as much as they can may read as a cute sign to play or be petted, but taking into consideration the circumstances that have come before this can determine whether the dog wants to have fun or feels threatened. Single out what the perceived threat is and leave the dog alone to come back round – give them a good amount of time to get back to rights.

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Quit The Noise

While it may seem like some dogs thrive in a noisy household with so much going on, depending on the breed quite the opposite can be true. Herding dogs such as Australian Shepherds are great protectors of their owners, and they are constantly listening out for danger. Anything that gets in the way of hearing what they need to hear can be an unwelcome distraction. A lot of the time, loud noises such as music can cause noise anxiety in dogs. When a dog howls along to music, it is not singing along; it is an instinct left in by wolves, and it is howling back to the pack. The lack of pack appearing can often be a trigger to a certain stress, which is often disregarded.

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