Who I Am

If you are here, then you are curious as to who I am and why I am that way. Questions I still ask myself to this day.

Well for starters, my name is Alyssa, or as I get called around here, Mama. I’m in my late 20’s (boo). I am an only child, except I was blessed with 3 four legged siblings. Micki, she was our first Golden Retriever and in her mind I was her fellow litter mate. Scruffy, he was an evil cat that still let me baby him, and Molly. Molly¬†wasn’t your typical dog. If you didn’t know that dogs could have fluff for brains, well then you didn’t know Molly. She’s the favorite child out of the four of us. I got bumped up because Micki and Scruffy have both passed and I gave my parent’s a grandchild. I met Jake when I was 16 and he was 17, in 2005. Now we have Tara, the bloodhound, Audrey is the babe and the booze, well it’s what makes me survive all of the crazy things I seem to get myself in to.

Writing is my way of not only helping other moms to let them know they aren’t alone in their struggles but to help myself. No one ever wants to feel alone. You shouldn’t be alone and I want you to come hear to not only vent your frustrations with me but to find out great techniques for DIY, how to survive the daily grind and how crazy you have to be to start your own business.

Join me on my journey through motherhood as a stay at home mom, business owner and being a modern day June Cleaver. Don’t forget to follow me on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.



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