Wake Me Up Before You Go-Go


Mornings aren’t the easiest time of the day. Especially if you are a mom and you need to try and get ready for work while also getting the kids sorted for school! It’s fair to say that this time of the day is always a little hectic and chaotic!

And this is always made much worse if you find it difficult to drag yourself out of bed in the mornings. Begin tired is one thing, but feeling completely exhausted and drained is another. Thankfully, you shouldn’t have to deal with these low energy levels every day. In fact, here are some amazing ways you can perk yourself up each morning.

Treat Yourself

It’s easy to get into a routine in the mornings, but this habit can become very repetitive and monotonous. You will no doubt end up bored with it and won’t want to face it every morning. So why not switch things up a bit and treat yourself some days? Rather than having your usual instant coffee, you could indulge in a fancy coffee like from a gourmet coffee maker. Click here to see a full list. And rather than having a dull bowl of bran flakes for breakfast, you could treat your whole family to a round of pancakes and bacon! If that doesn’t entice you out of bed in the morning, nothing will!

Prep The Night Before

If the thought of trying to run around after your kids to get them ready for school is making you want to hide under your duvet, you might want to start preparing the night before. For instance, make sure that your children have everything in their school bags that they will need. This will save you a lot of time trying to pack their bags in the morning. It will also save time to prepare their packed lunches the night before as well. You can leave them in the fridge overnight so that they stay fresh.

Eat For Energy

Did you know that there are changes that you can make to your diet which should help to boost your daily energy levels? For example, eating lots of whole grains such as quinoa and brown rice will give your body plenty of fuel to burn. Quinoa is actually a great diet addition for extra energy as it is very high in protein, which will keep your mind and body going for even longer. Green tea is a great way to get a natural energy high and, as it doesn’t contain any caffeine, you can drink it all day long without worrying about it keeping you awake at night!

Change Your Alarm

Tonight before you get into bed, set your alarm clock to play your favorite songs. This will be an upbeat start to the day tomorrow, and will get you ready and raring to go for the day ahead! Once you hear your favorite tune, you won’t want to hit that snooze button either!

Don’t be a sleepyhead in the mornings anymore – try out all these tips for size!

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