Trial and Error of New Products: Painting Faux Pumpkins

As a business owner, I follow a lot of other business pages. Not only is a great way to network but you also can see what’s selling and for how much. I enjoy seeing other people’s failures, not because I’m cruel but because it shows they have a real passion for what they are doing. They are willing to keep working until they get it just right. I don’t like to fail but I know it’s going to happen. So I’ve made sure that when I have a new idea for something, I should practice it.
With the season turning into Autumn, I thought it would be a great idea to get some items in that theme for the shop. So I bought Audrey and I some “testers” to play with. We have these small faux pumpkins from Dollar Tree that are “carvable”. I’m not vey good at carving a real pumpkin so I was very hesitant with some Styrofoam pumpkin. So obviously my next thought was to decorate them. I’ve been seeing such fun things online about decorating pumpkins with paints, glue, and my favorite, GLITTER!
I tested out a jack-o-lantern style pumpkin. I’m going to have my nephew try it out.

As you can see, it’s not as tall as a soda can. Perfect for small hands. You can’t see it in the photo but I made marks on the pumpkin as my outline.
Then I painted in the areas I outlined with black paint. I used my acrylic enamel this time but if you are doing it with a child, then you will want to use Tempera. It’s a non-toxic paint that washes off of everything, including clothes. I didn’t like how light the stem was so I went over it with a darker brown paint.
I think it turned out pretty cute and I have a feeling my nephew is going to love it.
I can’t wait to make more and show them to you.
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