Training Your Dog Is One Of The Best Things You’ll Do For Them

Dogs are awesome creatures, aren’t they? They love us unconditionally, and they don’t judge us (the complete opposite of cats). However, the amount of dogs out there that have had a very lax training routine is unbelievable. These dogs are running riot, and making the rules for their owners to follow.

Training your dog from an early age is one of the best things you’ll ever do for them. Bear in mind that loving your dog and training your dog are two separate things. You can still train your dog to be well behaved and give them plenty of fuss and cuddles. It’s when you fail to train them at all that things go awry.


When you fail to train your dog, they get confused about who the pack leader is. You’ll sometimes give signals that it’s you, but telling them to get off the couch or eating your food first. However, you’ll let them think it’s them sometimes by allowing them to pull you on a walk. When a dog is confused, it isn’t happy. It might look happy with a wagging tail most of the time, but it can get terrible separation anxiety. When you train your dog, you’ll both have a much happier life together. Here are some important things to bear in mind:

Selecting a Dog To Suit Your Lifestyle

Before you even consider buying a dog you need to make sure you select a dog to suit your lifestyle. Looking at cute tri color pitbull puppies for sale with your family is great, but if that breed doesn’t suit your lifestyle, you should think again. No matter how much you train a dog, if it’s too energetic for you, or doesn’t do well around kids, or any number of other factors, you won’t have a good time together.

Training Right Away

Putting training in place right away is crucial. There are so many things that go into this, and it’s far more than teaching them to sit down, roll over, and give you their paw. Here’s what you need to do:

  • Make sure they always walk next to you or behind you on a walk. You can do this with treats. They should never walk in front of you.
  • Practice the basic stop, sit, and come back commands regularly.
  • Walk in the house before your dog after a walk.
  • Eat your food before your dog.
  • Never feed your dog off your plate.
  • Greet other members of the family before your dog.
  • Simply have a dominant attitude; no need to be loud or threatening.

If you need extra help, you can consider taking your dog to a training school. The important thing is that you make it clear with a calm, dominant attitude that you are the pack leader.

Consistency With All Family Members

Above all else, consistency among each family member is crucial. If one member of the family allows fido to pull on their lead and you don’t, you’re going to struggle.

Good luck training your dog – it will be worth it!

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