Top Health Issues Your Family May Face In Winter (And What To Do To Avoid These!)

It’s hard to believe that we are almost in December. And although it’s a happy month for most people, it can leave some moms full of dread. After all, the weather turns freezing during the cold month. And as winter arrives, it leaves a lot of families suffering from health problems. It can mean sick days a plenty for a lot of families. However, there are some ways you can avoid your family getting sick during the winter period. Here are some top health issues your family may face in winter, and what to do to avoid these.


One of the biggest health issues people face in winter is colds. In fact, this article found Americans suffer from one billion colds a year. After all, when the weather turns freezing, it puts us at risk of getting the common cold. And once you get the pesky cold, it can be hard to get rid of. In fact, some people have to deal with colds for weeks on end. With a common cold, you can expect to face a runny nose, sneezing, and a slight fever. There are many reasons why people develop colds in winter. For one thing, spending more time inside can make us more susceptible to the common cold. Also, heading outside without warm clothing can cause us to shiver. By doing this, it can lower our immune system which means we are more susceptible to picking up the bug. Also, the cold virus tends to pass from person to person. So if you touch a surface which has germs on it, and then you touch your nose or mouth, you could catch the virus. Also, you are at risk if you are near someone who has it. After all, they might sneeze and then you will catch it too! The best way to avoid catching a common cold this winter is to make sure you avoid other people who have colds. Tell your kids not to share their school supplies and make sure they wash their hands after using the bathroom. And make sure your family is warm inside your home; keep the heating at a high temperature. Also, make sure they have plenty of sleep to boost their immune system. And remember there are a ton of cold products on the market!


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A lot of people get confused between cold and flu. After all, they both share a lot of symptoms. But although colds tend to come on slowly, flu occurs quickly. And although your family is more likely to head to work and school with a cold, flu can cause you to struggle to get on with daily activities. In fact, it might cause your family to be bed-bound for a week! To avoid getting the flu, there are some things you can do. For one thing, you can protect your family by ensuring they stay warm on a daily basis during winter. Also, make sure you promote healthy habits such as washing their hands after the bathroom. You can also protect your family by getting them to have a flu shot. It can stop them being at risk of catching the bug. And make sure you deal with a sore throat or cold quickly. Otherwise, it will quickly develop into full blown flu!

Cold sores

Another thing which can occur during the winter months is cold sores. The fever blisters can appear around the mouth. And as well as looking awful, it can cause discomfort for your family member! Especially when they are trying to move their mouth, or when they are eating spicy foods. And they can be even more painful when you head outside in the cold weather. There are several reasons why people get a cold sore. For one thing, it’s often spread by kissing or touching a utensil an infected person has used. And once you have the dreaded cold sore, it can last for a couple of weeks. However, there are some medications you can get to help send it on its merry way. And applying lip balms and creams can help reduce the pain in the meantime. You can also seek advice from a doctor or a dentist on how to deal with the cold sores. That way, it won’t come back anytime soon. The main way to avoid them is to ensure you don’t share items, or saliva, with an infected person!

Sore throat

One thing which can be a nightmare during the winter months is a sore throat. It comes on quite quickly and can develop into a chesty cough. And if not dealt with, it can then lead to a chest infection. Therefore, soon as you start experiencing a chesty cough, it’s best to find some medicine. Also, you should eat soft foods and avoid hot drinks until it’s gone. And if you want some quick relief, you can buy some lozenges which can ease the pain! Just be careful about giving these to little ones as it could put them at risk of choking. Just like colds, a lot of people pick up the virus through someone else. Therefore, don’t stand in proximity to anyone that has a sore throat. And make sure your family stays healthy to avoid catching the bug.

Stomach bugs

Unfortunately, there tends to be a rise in stomach bugs during the winter months. The bug which can cause diarrhea and vomiting is a nightmare for families. And it can often be passed along via family members. Therefore, if one of your kid gets it, you can expect the others to get it in due course. If a family member does get a stomach bug, it’s best to keep them off school until it passes. Also, make sure they have plenty of fluid, and some form of medication to help with the stomach pain. Also, if it doesn’t go after a couple of days, take them to the doctors. You can avoid stomach bugs by ensuring you don’t get close to other people with the virus. Also, ensure your family are eating a healthy diet and are doing plenty of exercise. And to help you deal with your child’s sickness bug, read our previous blog!

Dry skin

A lot of poor people have to deal with dry skin in the winter months. It’s often down to the dry indoor heat which can cause peeling skin. Also when people try and warm up in the cold mornings with a hot shower, it can also cause dry skin. Unfortunately, it can cause the skin to get red and itchy, and it can occur on any part of your body. If you do suffer from dry skin, it’s best to get some cream to help soothe the pain. You can find over-the-counter options which will contribute to stop your kids itching their skin. And you can also consume fish which contains omega-3. This has been found to help relieve itchy rashes. Also, as this feature explains, eat foods containing zinc which can repair dry skin. And to avoid dry skin this winter, make sure you are moisturizing your skin well. And use warm, not hot water, when running baths and showers! Also, get your family some lip balm which can stop them from getting chapped in the cold weather.

Winter blues

You might be surprised to know that so many people suffer from winter blues. In fact, two- thirds of women feel down during the winter season. And it’s not just adults; kids can suffer from winter blues too. A lot of people think it’s down to the dark days. After all, a lack of sunshine can make people feel depressed. And also the bad weather means people are stuck inside which can cause people to feel teary. To avoid the winter blues, you should try and think about the positives about winter. Get your kids to draw pictures of their favorite things about the cold months. And also, find fun activities that you only can do in winter. For example, sledding in the snow, or drinking hot chocolate around the fireplace will boost your mood. Also, planning a trip in the new year can give families a boost so that they don’t suffer the winter blues this year!


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Weight gain

A lot of people admit they put on weight during the winter months. It’s often down to the fact that they are spending more time inside during the cold months. And we tend to buy more snacks for our family in December. While they might be delicious, it can soon see our family packing on the pounds. And once you are overweight, it can be hard to shift the pounds. Therefore, to ensure you avoid weight gain, you should make sure your family stays active during the winter months. That way, it will stop you all packing on the pounds. Here are some ideas on how to ensure your family stays active. And remember to avoid that snack aisle!

And be careful when your little one heads outside to play in winter. So many cuts can occur from falls in the snow or heavy rain. And it can lead to painful bruises! Therefore, make sure they have proper footwear before heading outside!


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