Things To Consider Before Taking Your Dog On Holiday

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Summer is coming up fast, and most of us are starting to ache for sun, sea, and sand. If you have kids and dogs, however, things aren’t as easy as just packing, upping and leaving. You are going to have to be a bit more organized and plan effectively around your loved ones. If you’re heading abroad, you might want to leave your pooch on home turf, as doggy passports are expensive and a lot of the time, they will have to go in quarantine for a while when entering another country. But if you want your four-legged to be involved in your little trip, there are plenty of options available to you. Consider visiting somewhere closer to home, where you can easily drive with your little one and pooch on board. Here are a few things to consider before heading away.


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Ensure that your intended accommodation is pet-friendly. You might assume that any camping site will be fine with the arrival of your well-behaved dog, but some will turn animals away. Regardless of where you are planning on staying – a campsite, B&B, or rented accommodation – double check that your pooch is allowed before you book.


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You might think that taking your pup on holiday is as simple as popping them in the car and bringing them along on your adventures. But you have to pack for your dog too. This will mean putting a little bag aside for them and filling it with their favorite things. Pack their food and bowls, their bed (if it fits safely in your vehicle) and any medication that they might need. If your dog has a special, favorite toy, remember to bring it along too. It will give them something comforting when they’re in a new environment and a plaything for if they get a little bored.


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While you are away, you want your dog to be as safe as possible. This starts from the moment that you get into your car. Your dog should be clipped in, just like yourself and your children. So invest in a dog seatbelt to keep them put in their place the whole journey. You should also have a harness for dogs. This is a safer and more reliable way to keep your dog on their lead. It is easy for pooches to slip from their collar and this could be disastrous in a new location that you and your pet are unfamiliar with. Make sure that your pup is microchipped and has a personalized name tag on their collar (detailing your pet’s name and your contact details). This will ensure that if they do get away, someone will be able to return them to you conveniently.


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Lookup pet-friendly activities in your destination. If you are aware of places that accept dogs before you arrive, you can be well prepared in planning your days out. This will prevent you from being turned away at places on the day and will keep smiles on everyone’s faces throughout your stay.

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