The Truths Behind The Pregnancy Glow


Sometimes, it’s beneficial to know the truth. In fact, it’s even essential – because how else can you be ready for the realities that you might face? No one would take a job working for a company that promised 1,000% to be great all the time – you’d be peering beneath the facade trying to look for the reality that hides beneath. If you don’t know what’s to come, you can’t be prepared.

So with that somewhat doom-laden warning out of the way, let’s take a deep breath and agree: sometimes, pregnancy isn’t great.

Yep, broke the taboo and said it: pregnancy can be a difficult period of life. What tends to make it even tougher to deal with is the fact that so few people warn you of that. “Oh yes pregnancy was rough,” people tell you, “but it’s all worth it when you hold that baby in your arms!”

Of course it is; no one is denying that! The moment when you hold your child for the first time will erase every uncomfortable, worried moment of the past nine and a half months from your mind as you transition to immersing yourself in motherhood.

However… you still have to get through those nine and a half months!

Being told that everything is wonderful during pregnancy is both unfair and difficult to cope with. Pregnancy can be rough for women. Look at Kate Middleton; the future Queen of England and still hospitalized due to severe morning sickness. If it can happen to the very heights of aristocracy, then what hope is there for the little guys?!

The Damage of Expectation

If you go into your first pregnancy expecting it to be nothing but a delight, then reality will soon smack you in the face. Somehow, not being ready for what’s to come makes it all the worse – you’ve had no time to prepare.

If you expect pregnancy to be nothing but plain sailing then, the moment it isn’t, women can really struggle. When everyone seems to be enthusing about that pregnancy glow and what an exciting time it is, you can feel very alone in finding pregnancy a hard slog. Given that the hormonal changes of pregnancy make controlling moods difficult enough to begin with, that can be a dangerous cocktail.

Remember: It’s Okay To Not Feel Okay

If you’re struggling with physical issues such as pain in the hips and stomach, extreme nausea, or any other excess of discomfort during pregnancy, then it’s okay to admit that. You can try your own research on how to relieve hip pain when pregnant, methods for stemming nausea, and coping with the emotional changes, then you’re not alone. You’re not failing at pregnancy or “doing it wrong” – it happens.

If you feel anything about pregnancy is becoming overwhelming for you, then don’t hesitate to talk to your doctor about it. Don’t feel like you’re being bogged down and somehow have to cope unless it’s an emergency. You have the same right to feel good about yourself as you would if you weren’t pregnant, so be open, lift the weight, and free your mind from worrying about the now and focus on the future.

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