The Guy-de To Buying Birthday Gifts For Men

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It’s a tired and worn-out stereotype that it’s ridiculously hard to buy gifts for men and ridiculously easy to buy gifts for men. Nobody’s the same, and that’s the real reason it’s so hard to buy gifts for anybody. Still, there are slight divergences when it comes to the kind of birthday presents your average guy wants when compared to your average woman, and it’s not quite as big a mystery as folk myths would have you believe. If you’re panicking because you’ve no idea what to buy for your male partner, guy friend, co-worker, or any other man you know in your life then here’s the guy-de (that was witty) to buying birthday gifts for men.


Talk to him.

You don’t have to read his mind. The place to begin is just to talk to your friend or partner about their interests or the things they might have had their eye on recently. There are two ways to approach this: you can either outright ask them what they want for their birthday, or you can sneakily conduct a little research and discover the answer to that without directly asking them. There’s always a chance they don’t have an answer anyway, but through finding out a little more about what they’re into at the moment you’ll have some ideas to build on.


Fashion and accessories.

Yes, everybody loves fashion to some extent. Some people may not give it much thought, but that doesn’t mean they don’t care about the way they look in terms of how they dress or accessorize themselves. Perhaps they don’t have the money or the time to go shopping for edgier fashion options, but that’s why it’d be a lovely gesture for a birthday present; you could look into trendy men’s gold bracelet options, for example. Some guys don’t accessorize, but that’s only because they don’t give it much thought. Test the waters with fashionable gifts, and you might be surprised.


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Food is a safe bet.

When all other ideas seem to fail, give the gift of food. Everybody loves food. We need it to survive, and that’s why it’s the ultimate gift when it comes to birthday presents. There’s really no way you can go wrong (unless you choose food that your guy friend doesn’t like, but hopefully you know them well enough to plan this out perfectly). There are so many routes you could choose; buying them their favorite chocolate is an option that will surely never go amiss. Of course, you could step things up and bake a cake for them if you want to add a personal touch to the gift.


You don’t necessarily have to take the sweet route, however. If your male pal is a strong food lover then you could opt for something savory, such as some cheeses from an artisan shop. You’ll be showing that you really know your friend and giving them a gift that required some thinking outside the box; it’s unlikely that anyone else will have thought of that. You could even get some kitchen utensils if they love to cook because those are gifts which will last permanently.

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