The Dos And Dont’s of Feeding Your Baby

If you’ve had your first baby or your first born is on the way, you probably know your whole life is about to get turned upside down. There are so many things you need to learn about before the baby comes, so you can help get them off to the best start in life. One of the most important things you need to be aware of, is the dos and Don’ts of feeding your baby. Read on for some hints and tips that you can use:


Do: Feed Your Baby When Your Baby Gets Hungry

Feeding your baby when they get hungry is important. They aren’t like us; they aren’t happy to wait until we find somewhere ‘appropriate’ to be fed. The fact is, your baby should be fed wherever you are, whether that’s picking up some groceries or going on a stroll. There are ways you can ‘protect your modesty’, but think about how you’d feel if you had to eat with a blanket on your head? More and more places are becoming baby-feeding friendly now, so it shouldn’t be a problem if you nip into a nearby coffee shop or somewhere similar to feed your baby. Anybody who has an ounce of emotional intelligence will understand that it needs to be done, and won’t try to sexualize what you’re doing in any way.

Don’t: Stress Out

The time you spend feeding your baby should be a lovely time for you both to bond. Relax! This could very well be the calmest part of your day with your newborn. Get comfortable, and make sure anything you need is within arms reach.

Do: Introduce New Foods Quickly

Babies usually start eating solid/pureed food at around 6 months. However, they can be a little earlier or a little later depending on your baby. It’s important to look for signs that they might be ready. Do they have good neck strength? Can they hold a spoon? If so, you’re ready to go! Ignore the rule that says you should spread out the new foods your baby tried. Some say they like to wait 5 days before introducing new food, but there’s no evidence to say that this is beneficial. In fact, introducing new foods quickly tends to create more adventurous, happy eaters in the long-run!

Don’t: Give Up Too Soon

Introducing your baby to new food can be fun. However, it can take 6-10 tries for a baby to like a new food, especially if it’s sour or bitter. Guess what? Many parents give up well before 6 tries, and just assume that this is something their baby does not like. Obviously you shouldn’t feed it to them every single meal until they like it. Just don’t leave it too long between trying them on it. Maybe give it a few days and try again, then again after another few days. Organic baby food is something you should definitely make an effort with when feeding your baby. Remember; 10 is the magic number!

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