Tara Finds A Lost Friend

Tara Finds A Lost Friend is the story of our bloodhound, Tara. As most of you know she was training to be a search and rescue dog. Now her nose just gets her in trouble when she tries to get in the garden or chase a bee.

I have dreamt for years of being a children’s author only to think it would just be a fantasy. Luckily dreams can come true. Many people don’t realize how much goes into finding someone who has gone missing. A bloodhound has an extremely sensitive nose. They can smell things that were in a spot up to 3 days ago. Of course, the surroundings can change that, so you and your dog have to learn to adapt to it.

In Tara’s story, she gets a call that a little girl has gone missing. She and her friends go out to find her and teach children how a bloodhound will use their special skills to find someone. With Her nose to the ground, Tara pulls along and finds the little girl.

“Tara is a red bloodhound. She has long ears, lots of wrinkles and drools. Tara has a special job. She helps find people who have gone missing. If you get lost, she and her friends will come find you.”

Help us to get her book published. If you click on the link below, you’ll be sent to our Kickstarter page where you can see the 6 pledge options.

For $5 you can know we are eternally grateful.

For $10, I will send you a personalized thank you note.

For $20, I will send you a link to download the digital copy once it’s on the Kindle platform.

For $50, I will send you a copy of the printed book.

For $100, I will sign with a personal message, a copy of the printed book.

For $200, I will send you a personal message in the book and have your name printed in the book as a contributor.

Help get Tara’s book printed!


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