Taking a Trip Through North America’s Largest Cities

Taking a Trip Through North America’s Largest Cities

North America is a big and beautiful place, with enough natural scenery to keep even the most avid outdoor lover busy for years on end. Yet while the built-up areas of the continent only make up around 1% of the total surface area, for many people in, it is in those built up zones where the true magic of North America resides. If you’re looking for a place to see what life is really like over there, taking a look at the largest cities is a good start. Below, we take a look at some of the continents four biggest metropolitan areas.


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New York City


Is there a city on earth more iconic than New York? We don’t think so. North America’s largest city, this is the birthplace of so many movements, art, and just about everything else that the west celebrates. Drop yourself into Manhattan, and you’ll be able to walk through history, the present, and the future. In short, this is just about the best place to soak up the best of mankind. You’ll find every type of person and ways of being in the five boroughs. A must visit for everyone who loves exploring.


Mexico City


There’s nowhere quite like Mexico City. The country’s capital, and North America’s most populated city, it is a treasure trove of color, sounds, history, and all-out life. Book yourself into the Courtyard Mexico City Airport, and you’ll be perfectly situated to explore all that this magnificent city has to offer. It’s an old city, so as you wander the streets you’ll find buildings and monuments that date back to the 13th century and up to the present day. But Mexico City is so much more than just its cultural highlights; it’s a place to sit back, watch the passersby, and enjoy the good life.


Los Angeles


You can stroll through New York and Mexico City, but Los Angeles? Nope, you’re going to need a car, because, here, everyone drives! While people think they have an understanding of the city thanks to the glamor of Hollywood, this is only partially true – the city is so much more than just opportunities to spot the rich and famous (though do this too!). You can also explore institutions such as the Natural History Museum and the Getty Center, or just take a stroll through beautiful Santa Monica.


Washington DC


DC is a large city in two senses. It’s geographically large, but also home to the largest seat of power in the world, the White House! This city is for the America history buffs; many of the events that have shaped the modern world were born in the hallways of the city’s most famous political buildings. While most of the attractions are connected with politics, be sure to check out the National Air and Space Museum, which is fascinating whether you’re a NASA nerd or not.


With so many great cities on offer, it’s no wonder North America remains so culturally and politically significant. Check them all, and you’ll have a deep understanding of what makes this part of the world tick.


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