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When I started my blog, I never thought it would get to this point. Honestly, I didn’t know anything about blogging. I set up a free account with blogger and wrote late at night. It was just a journal for me to get things off my chest. But I kept writing and found out a friend had recently started a blog as well. She introduced me to a few other bloggers and somehow I ended up becoming, dare I say it, a writer!

I casually submitted to some larger sites not expecting to hear a response. A few rejections here and there and finally someone thought my writing was so funny they wanted to publish it. Queue the dramatics. Oh odalaly, someone reads me. I met some writers and editors of larger sites that I had been reading for a while and felt like I had joined an amazing community.

As my writing improves, so does my spirit. It is a great release for me. One of the hard parts though, is the cost of maintaining a site. While I get the occasional sponsor, it doesn’t pay for the hosting or tech support. It also doesn’t pay for the cost of the children’s book I have wrote about Tara. That’s where my devoted followers come in. I use devoted and followers in a laughing manner, because I am more in love with all of you. Even if it’s a dollar, it will help pay for the pictures, crafts, and to our host to keep us alive. In return you’ll get a password to the free printable section.

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[wpecpp name=”Keep This Site Going” price=”10″] Keep This Site Going $10

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