Regrow Produce From Scraps

Regrow Produce From Scraps

I love being able to walk out my back door and grab some fresh ingredients from my garden. Saves us money and it is healthier than anything we’d get from a grocery store. Unfortunately during the winter season, we can’t grow anything in the PNW. Which lead me to start researching how to grow indoors. We already buy potatoes and onions in bulk and store them so why not grow other things to store? What I kept finding was that you can regrow many things from the scraps left over.

  1. Lettuce is something we go through like crazy. It gets a little pricey for how little you get at the store and we like it fresh. If you cut off the end where the roots originally were, save it. Then place it in a bowl of water and set it in a warm and sunny place. Change out the water every few days until you see some new growth. You can either leave it in the bowl or do like I prefer and transplant it to a small pot. Just make sure to leave it in a sunny area so it gets the nutrients it needs to grow.
  2. Celery is another one you just need a base for. Place it in a bowl of water in a warm and sunny place until it has new growth. You will see some leaves sprouting from the bottom for new chutes. Then transplant.
  3. Onions are a diverse one. When you use them, you tend to cut off the end and discard it. Instead, place it in some water. It will start growing green onion shoots up from the cut area. You can cut these off for a yummy extra flavor in a dish or let it keep growing until you have a bulb.
  4. Carrots are a root plant. Rarely when you buy them from the store will you find them with the leaves still attached. You can cut off the top where the leaves were growing from and set them in some water. Just like the last ones, wait until you see some new growth and transplant. It will grow from the top of the stalk and you will see some new leaves out the sides.

Herbs are something that most of my recipes call for. Unfortunately most don’t call for them to be fresh. So as I harvest, I dry them out. I dry them out on a paper towel in my microwave 10 seconds at a time so they don’t catch on fire. You can create a windowsill garden of herbs. If you have some fresh herbs from the store, cut a little off with the stem attached. You can stick these directly in the soil and let them grow. It will take a bit to flourish but they are delicious and great to have. If you see them flower, pinch them off so they keep growing.

This is how our green leaf lettuce and broccoli are doing after being in a bowl of water for a week. Just goes to show you how much they are water. The lettuce sprouted new leaves fast but the broccoli will take a while. It’s hard to tell from the photo but there are little bumps where it’s cut that the new growth is coming in.

Lettuce & Broccoli Scraps Regrowth




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