Save Me! Ways To Scrimp Money When It All Goes On Bills!



Do you find that your bills take up the vast majority of your outgoings? If so, you are not alone. It can seem like a never-ending cycle when you save up enough money throughout the month, only to see it disappear on all your outgoings. This leaves you with very little to spend on something nice for yourself. So when it comes to saving, is there any foolproof method to save money when bills take up all of your finances?


Look At Your Working Habits

Of course, we all need to go to work to earn money, but what are the things that you do in work which take up a lot of your finances? For example, at the cost of public transport. Or even your fuel costs. If you find yourself paying a lot of money to get to work, it can add up to a lot of money at the end of the month by the time payday rolls around. Some of the ways to offset this balance would be to work at home on occasion but also to look at your expenses when you are at work. The biggest example that comes to mind is your lunch. Do you spend a lot of money on lunch every day, or can you take a packed lunch, or even better, leftovers of last night’s dinner into work?


Consolidate Your Bills

If you’ve got various bills to keep track of, this can be very debilitating financially, especially as if you got various credit cards, each bit of interest on each card will all add up. So you are best off consolidating it into one manageable item of debt. In addition to this, look for ways to get money back on certain transactions. Something like cash back credit cards and help when you need to spend money on purchases, including bills, where you can get some money back. In addition to this, your utility bills could benefit from some sort of consolidation, either by contacting the suppliers and asking for a loyalty discount or by switching suppliers.


Consider Your Recreational Habits

Not just that Netflix subscription, but do you have a gym membership that you don’t make the most of? Recreational expenses are a big part of how we enjoy your life. That’s not to say that you should cancel everything, but take a good look at what you really make the most of in your life. If you do watch a streaming service every night before going to bed, then, by all means, keep it. But if that organic fruit and vegetable box you get every month is eating a lot of your finances, is it really worth the expense?


It’s also worth considering how your attitude is towards saving money. If you do go out and buy clothes on a whim all the time, is it more the fact that you are unable to save because you keep dipping into that fund to buy something you think you really need at the time? Bills don’t have to take up all your finances, but this, in conjunction with a healthy attitude to spending, will help you to save money.


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