Roads Are Dangerous Places For A Family

Or anyone really, when you think about what driving actually involves. Essentially, you’re cruising along a speedway at seventy miles per hour with multiple other drivers around you doing exactly the same thing. Seventy MPH is more than fast enough to turn any car into twisted metal and broken glass, particularly if the vehicle doesn’t have a good stopping distance. Then there are those other drivers to consider. Let’s face it, you can’t guarantee that they’re paying any attention or that they are even the best drivers. They might be one step away from making a mistake that could create a serious accident on the road. Now that I’ve turned your paranoia up a few notches let’s look at some of the ways you can still stay safe on the roads. Don’t worry, I wouldn’t create the fear without the solution.

Baby On Board!

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Choose whichever sign you like. Little princess as a passenger, baby on board, Prince in the back, kids on their way to Disney…whatever. Let other motorists know that you have children in the car. You’ll be amazed by the impact this has on the other drivers and how most of them act around your vehicle. Firstly, you can forget about having to deal with a case of road rage. There is no chance of someone pulling in front of you and braking for two reasons. First, they know that accidents are a lot worse if kids are involved. Second, deep down most people are good and would never intentionally risk hurting children.

The Right Seat


If you have young children, you’re going to be using safety seats. You need to make sure that you are using the best ones on the market and that they are fitted correctly. Check out sites like Parenting Pod, and you’ll find some great advice like this review as well as tips on choosing the right baby seat for your car. You do want to make sure you’re checking safety ratings before you buy, Some of the seats on the market are definitely a lot better than others.

Pay A Little More

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If you buy an expensive car, you might think you’re paying for higher speeds, style, and luxury. It’s probably never crossed your mind that you are paying for higher levels of safety. After all, every car on the road is equally safe…right? Wrong! Some of the high-end cars have better braking distances than you’re typical value for money family vehicle. If you can stop in under two meters even at high speeds, you are less at risk from dangers on the road.

Distractions Happen

Finally, one of the main causes of accidents on the road is distractions. So, you might want to think twice about getting those screens fitted so that the kids can watch Finding Nemo in the backseat. Particularly if the noise of a film like that could cause you to lose focus on the road. Or, just make sure that you are getting your kids headphones too. That way they’ll stay quiet, and you can have a pleasant, relaxing, safe drive with your little ones.

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