A Reaction To Allergy: How To Reduce Food Allergies In Our Children

A Reaction To Allergy: How To Reduce Food Allergies In Our Children


One of the things that every parent has to be more concerned about now than a few decades ago is the rise in food allergies. It’s part of the makeup of common illnesses now, and in fact, a lot of schools seriously have to work hard at banning common foods like nuts. As a child born today has a 1 in 12 chance of developing a serious food allergy it begs the question, can we prevent food allergies in our children? In short, yes, there are ways but always remember that it could be down to environmental triggers or even genetics too. But there are things you can do to prevent food allergies in your children, even before they’re born…

Heal Your Gut Bacteria BEFORE Getting Pregnant

It’s going to take up to six months for you to have a strong digestive tract with ample amounts of probiotics and as babies receive probiotics from the mother from birth, it could be the one way your child could avoid many common illnesses and picking up bugs on a regular basis.


Yes as they say, breast is best, but as formula contains GMOs processed ingredients, as well as sugar there have been studies to show that babies fed on formula have trouble with their digestive tract which has a direct impact on their immune system.

Preparing Food Properly

Even natural foods have their own inbuilt toxins which promote inflammation in the body. So you need to make sure that you prepare your food properly and remove these toxins, such as phytic acid, so you and your children can benefit.

Introduce Whole Foods Early

If you can introduce foods free of processes as early as possible, you will stand a better chance of your children not developing an allergic reaction when they are older. For something like a nut allergy, you can introduce a small bit of peanut butter. A lot of people think that nut butters, like soy nut butter, are better and healthier but you can see Unsafe Foods for news on nut butter outbreaks and how common they can be. So beware on buying foods that undergo a lot of processes. For something like peanut butter, you can very easily make your own at home for cheap meaning that you are feeding your children wholesome natural foods without things like palm oil but you also know exactly what is going into your children’s food.

Cutting Back On Antibiotics

In today’s world, we are quick to ask for antibiotics at the doctors, but an excessive use of antibiotics will clear your gut of healthy bacteria, making it more difficult for your body to have an effective immune function. Don’t forget there are even antibiotics in things like wipes or soap so if you can cut back on these and try your best to let your child ride out an illness (no matter how unpleasant it may be), it will benefit them much better so they will live a healthier life.

Preventing food allergies in our children is the key to a healthy life for our children, and if you can avoid processed foods and get into the habit of making whole foods it won’t just benefit your kids, but it will benefit you also!

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