Raise That Self Esteem! Ways To Be A Positive Parent

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In this day and age, being a parent sometimes feels like walking very tentatively through a minefield. There’s so much conflicting advice that it’s difficult to pick out what’s best for you and your family, but one thing that is acknowledged by everyone as super important is that you must try to help your children build up good self esteem. Not only will this help them to be happier and more well adjusted teens through the tricky period of adolescence but it’ll also help them as they move into adulthood. Here are some tips on how to build up your kids’ self esteem…

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Use Encouraging, Positive Language

When you’re talking to your children, it’s very important to make sure that you use positive language. If you have daughters, make sure that you compliment them on being intelligent, creative, independent and resourceful as well as being pretty or beautiful, and if you have sons, make sure that you encourage them to show emotion and praise them for trying to articulate their feelings to you. Encourage them when they do well and try their hardest – remember that the trying hard is more important and praise-worthy than the results. When you’re talking about yourself, remember to stay positive. You don’t want your kids to hear you putting yourself down and think that it’s normal to do so and that they should speak about themselves in a similarly negative way.

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Help With Any Changes They Might Want To Make

If your child wants to make any positive changes to their life, remember that you should be there to encourage them to do so. It can be hard to watch your kids grow up and make their own decisions and choices, but the best way to build a strong relationship with them is to be there supporting them every step of the way, so they know that you’re someone they can talk to and lean on. If your child wants to get fit and healthy, sit down with them and devise a new fitness plan and eating regime that’s doable and healthy. If they want to get dental or orthodontic treatment, help them by taking them to an expert in dentistry for children and teens. If your teenage daughter wants to get into makeup and isn’t sure what colors would suit her, take her to a makeup counter for her birthday, let her get a makeover, and buy her a few products as a gift.

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Remember Your Kids Have Their Own Dreams

As a parent, it’s very easy to have certain expectations for your kids. Maybe when you were younger you desperately wanted to take ballet or piano lessons, but for whatever reason – time pressures, financial issues – you were unable to. Make sure that you don’t try to live out your dreams through your kids. Chances are, they’ll have completely different ambitions that they want to fulfil – maybe you wanted to learn to be an artist, but your daughter wants to be a soccer player. Encourage what they want to do so they learn to live for themselves and so that they don’t start resenting you.

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