Planning a Practical Wedding

Planning a Practical Wedding

Not everybody follows the playbook of life. Not everybody makes their money early, finds somebody that they love, dates them for five years before getting engaged and subsequently married, and then has kids. For some people, life isn’t as straightforward as that. Some couples already have children and other commitments when they marry. And other couples don’t really have the funds needed for a wedding when they plan on getting married. And it is these couples that may benefit from having a practical wedding, rather than a big, glitzy one. For advice on how to plan the perfect practical wedding, make sure to read on.

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All weddings, practical or not, center around the rings. They are the bands that show a commitment between the couple who are eloping. They are the climax of the whole wedding ceremony. They are, truly, one of the most parts of any wedding. And because they’re so important, and so expensive, it’s imperative that the right ones are chosen. And to ensure that the right ones are chosen, a practical approach when choosing them should be taken. This could mean picking out rings that don’t break the bank. Or it could mean letting somebody who knows about engagement rings pick it out: this could even be the bride to be herself. Yes, it may go against tradition for women to be involved with the picking of the engagement ring. Yes, it may kill the romance, spontaneity and traditional magic of her seeing the ring for the first time during the proposal. But, for practical reasons, it’s probably best to let the bride to be have an impact in the choosing of her engagement ring, just to ensure the right one is chosen. So, for any grooms to be out there that are planning on planning a practical wedding, don’t be afraid to look at sites such as Tacori with your other half. By doing so, you could save yourself on embarrassment, time and money.

To practically plan a wedding, you have to do more than be practical with the choosing of the engagement ring; you also have to be practical with your plans for the big day too. And one of the most important things you you have to be practical with is who you send wedding invitations out to. By over-inviting you leave yourself susceptible to blowing your whole budget on guest expenses before you’ve ever thought about yourself. So, don’t over invite! Extend invitations to family and close friends first and foremost, and then work from there. And as you work from there, try to remember to use your head rather than your heart. By doing that, you give yourself a better chance of sticking to your wedding budget.

Weddings can be practical and still be a day to remember, no matter what anybody says. Practical weddings can be just a good a day as big, glitzy ones are. In fact, they have the potential to be even better. So, don’t feel obliged to keep up with the Joneses in regards to your wedding planning. Do it your way, in your time. And if this means doing it practically, do it practically!

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