Should you pick up your crying kid?

Should you pick up your crying kid?

The style of parenting varies from one person to another. There are those parents who will tell you that babies should not be allowed to cry while others will tell you it is healthy for the baby to cry.  When it comes to letting babies cry, opinions differ a lot. Some will say you are spoiling the child and others will say not picking a crying a child is a way of letting him know it is not always he will get what he wants. If you are a mother looking for answers to this question, here is what research has to say about this.

Cuddled kids grow with less anxiety

Recently released research has discovered that kids who were cuddled developed into well-controlled grownups with good mental fitness and less nervousness.

Crying ruins the development of kids

According to research, it is not possible to spoil newborns with cuddles. Not picking up the child when he is crying might ruin his development. The earlier you start picking your child when he is weeping, the better it is for his development. Studies say that kids expect a lot of holding, rocking and touching during their initial months. Whatever you do at this stage impacts the way the brain will grow. Studies have also established that, together with hugging, positive babyhood full of quality time and a lot of affection resulted in adults who are healthy with excellent surviving skills. Also, studies recommend that affection and love to upset, crying child is developmentally vital since it sets the foundation for a strong bond.

Keeps kids calm

In the early months of children, all the systems of in a child’s body are setting how they will be working. Picking him is a way to soothe the baby. If you allow the infant to cry so much, the systems will be put under stress. While this is all about research, we can experience it in our everyday lives, adults who are not loved or feel abandoned are likely to be stressed and find it difficult to self-calm.

Babies below six months have this time to grow that special bond with the family. Therefore, these are moments any parent or caregiver needs to offer more attention to the baby as they might be crying seeking help. When you pick the baby, you respond to his needs.

Bottom line

If you have a little one and have been ignoring her while she cries, you have been making a huge mistake. Babies who were hugged in their early months become healthier empathetic and less depressed adults. Holding the baby or picking him when he is crying does not mean spoiling him. Babies cannot speak, and their only way of communication is by weeping. It feels good for the baby to- know that he is exceptional to the family and holds the highest place in each of the family members. While it is healthy to soothe a crying child, it is even better if you know the crying patterns of your child.


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