Pet Accessories You Didn’t Know You Needed (And Your Pets Will Love)

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There are some pet accessories we all know about. From feeding bowls to litter trays, there are a lot of items we would consider essential. However, we have found some other items that we think you should know about. Your cats and dogs will surely thank you when you buy them one of these fantastic pet accessories, so read on to find out more.

LED balls

Most dogs love a game of fetch, but whether out in the dark or not, there are times when the ball will get lost. Probably because the dog has dropped it somewhere as a reminder to you that it’s time to go home now! Never lose a ball again, by buying a motion-activated LED ball. They are waterproof, so can survive your dog’s slobber, and will automatically turn off when not in use so you can conserve battery life.

Pet strollers

Perfect for older dogs, or dogs who just can’t be bothered walking, strollers are a safe and effective way to get your pet from A to B. With see-through mesh for air to circulate through, your dog can still get the benefits of being outdoors, without the need to use his legs, the lazy thing!

App-operated food dispensers

You know the feeling. You are running late, possibly because you have had to work overtime, or missed the bus. You know your hungry pet is waiting for his evening meal, and they will be cross with you if you don’t get home soon. You will probably feel guilty too! We have the answer. These food dispensers can be set to activate through an app on your phone. You schedule the feeding times, and your cat and dog will be fed on time. Some of them even come with a camera and loudspeaker, so you can see everything your pet is up to and talk to them at the same time.

GPS pet tracker

We love our pets, so it can be terrifying when we think they have gone missing. In truth, they are probably lying under your bed, but you still need to be reassured. Pet trackers are nifty little devices that can be attached to your pet’s collar. You can keep track of their every movement using your smartphone, so you need never lose another pet again.

Laser toys

Cats are crazy creatures, and that’s why we love them so much. For some reason, they love to chase lasers, despite the fact they are never going to catch them. Chances are you have already heard of laser pens, but there are laser toys that don’t require you to be always at your cat’s beck and call (or meow). They can be placed in your cat’s play area and will create a light show that put your cat’s hunting instincts to the test.

Interactive ball throwers

Similar to above, but these are designed for dogs. These incredible devices are perfect for

dog training. They spit out small tennis balls, and when your dog returns them to the compartment on top, it will continue to ‘throw’ the ball until your dog eventually gets tired.

Paws for thought

Like the idea of any of the items we mentioned? Get online and start shopping for your furry friends.

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