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Five Essentials For Every Bar Cart

Five Essentials For Every Bar Cart When it comes to the different decor options and functionalities that you can add to your home, everyone will have their individual tastes. To some, a charming library will be the one thing they want, while others may prefer a modern home cinema room. […]

Budgets Busting Your Behind? Blissful Ways To Give Them A Boost

Budgets Busting Your Behind? Blissful Ways To Give Them A Boost

Let’s get honest here, we can all face issues with our budgets and finances from time to time. Money makes the world go round and often we just never seem to have enough for everything we want in life. The vacation, the new wardrobes or […]

A Reaction To Allergy: How To Reduce Food Allergies In Our Children

A Reaction To Allergy: How To Reduce Food Allergies In Our Children


One of the things that every parent has to be more concerned about now than a few decades ago is the rise in food allergies. It’s part of the makeup of common illnesses now, and in fact, a lot of schools seriously have to work hard at banning common foods like nuts. As a child born today has a 1 in 12 chance of developing a serious food allergy it begs the question, can we prevent food allergies in our children? In short, yes, there are ways but always remember that it could be down to environmental triggers or even genetics too. But there are things you can do to prevent food allergies in your children, even before they’re born…

Heal Your Gut Bacteria BEFORE Getting Pregnant

It’s going to take up to six months for you to have a strong digestive tract with ample amounts of probiotics and as babies receive probiotics from the mother from birth, it could be the one way your child could avoid many common illnesses and picking up bugs on a regular basis.


Yes as they say, breast is best, but as formula contains GMOs processed ingredients, as well as sugar there have been studies to show that babies fed on formula have trouble with their digestive tract which has a direct impact on their immune system.

Preparing Food Properly

Even natural foods have their own inbuilt toxins which promote inflammation in the body. So you need to make sure that you prepare your food properly and remove these toxins, such as phytic acid, so you and your children can benefit.

Introduce Whole Foods Early

If you can introduce foods free of processes as early as possible, you will stand a better chance of your children not developing an allergic reaction when they are older. For something like a nut allergy, you can introduce a small bit of peanut butter. A lot of people think that nut butters, like soy nut butter, are better and healthier but you can see Unsafe Foods for news on nut butter outbreaks and how common they can be. So beware on buying foods that undergo a lot of processes. For something like peanut butter, you can very easily make your own at home for cheap meaning that you are feeding your children wholesome natural foods without things like palm oil but you also know exactly what is going into your children’s food.

Cutting Back On Antibiotics

In today’s world, we are quick to ask for antibiotics at the doctors, but an excessive use of antibiotics will clear your gut of healthy bacteria, making it more difficult for your body to have an effective immune function. Don’t forget there are even antibiotics in things like wipes or soap so if you can cut back on these and try your best to let your child ride out an illness (no matter how unpleasant it may be), it will benefit them much better so they will live a healthier life.

Preventing food allergies in our children is the key to a healthy life for our children, and if you can avoid processed foods and get into the habit of making whole foods it won’t just benefit your kids, but it will benefit you also!

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The Benefits Of Launching A Career As A Work At Home Mom

The Benefits Of Launching A Career As A Work At Home Mom

Lots of mothers struggle to earn a decent wage these days because they have enough work on their hands looking after the kids. That is often true for people who don’t have a partner around to share some of the burdens. However, women in that […]

Is Your Dog Suffering From Dehydration?

Is Your Dog Suffering From Dehydration?

We tend to associate dehydration with hot days, but the truth is, for our dogs, dehydration can happen at any time. If your dog enjoys a long walk or a good run with his ball, you need to keep your eye out for dehydration symptoms. […]

Soothing Your Dog’s Seperation Anxiety

Soothing Your Dog’s Seperation Anxiety

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If you’re tired of coming home from a hard day at work to find out the dog has chewed your shoes and he’s reluctant to leave our side for even a second as you change, get dinner ready and try to relax and your neighbour is complaining that your poor pooch was whining all day long, there is a good chance that you need to deal with your dog’s separation anxiety.

All of the above are classic signs that your dog can’t deal with being left alone. After all, dogs in the wild run in packs- they aren’t solitary beings – and they need company to make them happy. The good news is that there are countless things you can do to soothe your dog’s separation anxiety and make life better for him, you and the neighbours!

Here are some simple tips to soothe separation anxiety:

Walk Your Dog Before Leaving

If you take your dog for a long, brisk walk, which is enough to tire him out and if you reward him with some food and water before you leave the house, he is likely to want to rest, and he won’t be so preoccupied with the fact you aren’t there.

Don’t Make Your Leaving a Big Event

If you feel so guilty about leaving your dog alone that you make a huge fuss of him directly before leaving, by stroking, petting and playing with him, you are only going to make his anxiety worse. You need to leave the house without causing a fuss, So, don;t talk to, touch or even make eye contact with your pooch in the minutes before you leave. Remain calm and don’t make a big deal out of it and your dog is less likely to get upset when you go.

Say Your Goodbyes Early

If you’re having trouble with the above, it’s okay to spend some time with your dog and say your goodbyes to him; you just need to do it well in advance of the time you actually leave. Just remember that you’re doing this more for your own benefit and to assuage your own guilt than you are for the dog. He doesn’t understand goodbyes, after all!

Hire a Dog Walker

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Some dogs will benefit from having a dog walker come in and take them out for a short walk during the day so that they aren’t being left alone for quite so long, and so that they are constantly being worn out and resting. However, it can make the problem worse for some dogs, so a little trial and error may be needed. You can visit this page to find a dog walker in your area. Just ensure that anyone you hire is experienced, has references and knows the situation with your dog first.

Remain Calm and Assertive

If you feel nervous and guilty about leaving your dog home alone, it will rub off on your dog, and he will start to feel nervous too, which will only serve to make his anxiety worse. Remind yourself that it’s fine to leave your dog as long as you’re not going to be gone for too long and he is well looked after in general, take a deep breath and remain as calm as you can.

Work Up to Longe Leaves

If you’re really struggling to soothe your dog’s anxiety, starts mall.Leave your dog for just five minutes before coming back, then 10 and so on and so on until you can safely leave him for an hour at a time. Eventually, he will come to realise that although you leave, you always come back and this will ease his anxiety significantly.

Play and Audiobook or Leave the Radio On

Numerous studies have found that audiobooks, which you can find by visiting this page, and talk radio shows can help to calm dogs down and ease their anxiety because it is almost as if there is someone in the home with them. So, it’s always worth trying this out if your dog is having a tough time coping when you’re not at home.

It can be very distressing to see your dog suffering when you’re not there, but the last thing you should do is panic. Separation anxiety can and is often eased by doing all of the above, and your dog will get used to being left alone when necessary. Instead of worrying, start implementing the ideas above, and you will soon see results.

Have you dealt with separation anxiety? How did you soothe your dog’s stress?

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The Science Behind Why Your Dog Won’t Play Nice

The Science Behind Why Your Dog Won’t Play Nice

Most people think of dogs as animals that are happy to play all day long, no matter what. When dogs are around each other, they’ll play until they are literally exhausted and have to collapse. But sometimes dogs don’t want to play with people. And […]

Overheating Dog: Keep Your Furry Friend Cool

Overheating Dog: Keep Your Furry Friend Cool

Dogs can really struggle in the heat, and as owners we don’t like to see our pets suffer. Going through a heat wave is difficult enough for humans, but imagine being covered in fur. As owners it’s our responsibility to keep our furry friends as […]

Pet Accessories You Didn’t Know You Needed (And Your Pets Will Love)

Pet Accessories You Didn’t Know You Needed (And Your Pets Will Love)

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There are some pet accessories we all know about. From feeding bowls to litter trays, there are a lot of items we would consider essential. However, we have found some other items that we think you should know about. Your cats and dogs will surely thank you when you buy them one of these fantastic pet accessories, so read on to find out more.

LED balls

Most dogs love a game of fetch, but whether out in the dark or not, there are times when the ball will get lost. Probably because the dog has dropped it somewhere as a reminder to you that it’s time to go home now! Never lose a ball again, by buying a motion-activated LED ball. They are waterproof, so can survive your dog’s slobber, and will automatically turn off when not in use so you can conserve battery life.

Pet strollers

Perfect for older dogs, or dogs who just can’t be bothered walking, strollers are a safe and effective way to get your pet from A to B. With see-through mesh for air to circulate through, your dog can still get the benefits of being outdoors, without the need to use his legs, the lazy thing!

App-operated food dispensers

You know the feeling. You are running late, possibly because you have had to work overtime, or missed the bus. You know your hungry pet is waiting for his evening meal, and they will be cross with you if you don’t get home soon. You will probably feel guilty too! We have the answer. These food dispensers can be set to activate through an app on your phone. You schedule the feeding times, and your cat and dog will be fed on time. Some of them even come with a camera and loudspeaker, so you can see everything your pet is up to and talk to them at the same time.

GPS pet tracker

We love our pets, so it can be terrifying when we think they have gone missing. In truth, they are probably lying under your bed, but you still need to be reassured. Pet trackers are nifty little devices that can be attached to your pet’s collar. You can keep track of their every movement using your smartphone, so you need never lose another pet again.

Laser toys

Cats are crazy creatures, and that’s why we love them so much. For some reason, they love to chase lasers, despite the fact they are never going to catch them. Chances are you have already heard of laser pens, but there are laser toys that don’t require you to be always at your cat’s beck and call (or meow). They can be placed in your cat’s play area and will create a light show that put your cat’s hunting instincts to the test.

Interactive ball throwers

Similar to above, but these are designed for dogs. These incredible devices are perfect for

dog training. They spit out small tennis balls, and when your dog returns them to the compartment on top, it will continue to ‘throw’ the ball until your dog eventually gets tired.

Paws for thought

Like the idea of any of the items we mentioned? Get online and start shopping for your furry friends.

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To Buy or Not to Buy- Considering Everything Involved in Owning a Horse

To Buy or Not to Buy- Considering Everything Involved in Owning a Horse

Image source Most of us, at one point or another, have dreamt of owning our own horse. But many of us, just assume that there is just not the space or that it will either be too difficult to look after or be too expensive. […]

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