Oh My! Monday: You’ll never have sex again… what?

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Sex Tape (film).jpgThis weekend we rented SEX TAPE. FUNNY! If you have not seen it, you should. I was rolling on the couch and cracking up. Jake and I kept looking at each other and laughing. It’s easily relatable to anyone with kids because they were completely honest in it. They didn’t try to add any Hollywood fluff.
It follows the story of Jay and Annie, they fall in love, have ridiculous amounts of sex, get pregnant, get married, have another kid and of course, they don’t have sex anymore. When they announce their pregnancy to her parents, her father says well no more sex. Of course, every parent will laugh there. Again, easily relatable. They don’t have sex and try to “schedule” it constantly. Finally the idea of making a sex tape comes up. Which the whole thing is hysterical and like typical movie stories, going to be a disastrous situation. Then it is the struggles of getting “back” the video after it’s uploaded to the cloud. Hilarity over and over. 
For me, this was an amazing movie. Annie is a mommy blogger. She writes about her life and the real struggles. The movie starts out with her writing a blog post and asking, When was the first time your husband saw you naked? Then when was the second? Now do you remember the last time?
Before kids, sex is so easy and so natural. It’s fun and there isn’t any work in it. After kids, it’s a whole new ball game. You have trouble feeling sexy, things don’t look like they did before you got pregnant and where is the time? Any parent will tell you, it was hard to be intimate with their SO after kids came into the picture. You’re too tired, the kid wakes up, or there is a kid in your bed. I know you’re laughing and nodding your head in agreement with me.
Every romantic comedy has a grand epiphany with the moral. This one was that we, as parents, quite often forget about our significant other and devote all of our time and energy to our children. That’s great but you can’t forget about one another. Intimacy is something that we try to act like we don’t need but we do. When I say intimacy, I don’t mean just having sex. It can be, cuddling on the couch watching a movie. Back rubs for one another. A little flirting or even some fun texts.

I have made plenty of wise cracks about how we aren’t even near intimate the amount we were before we were parents. That’s ok. We flirt with each other constantly. We make jokes about sex and have fun with it. So, get a sitter, order in some food, and rent a movie. It will be worth it.


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