What Not To Do If You Want A Healthy Dog

What Not To Do If You Want A Healthy Dog


Every owner wants their dog to be healthy. Because having a pet is like having another child. When you first get your puppy, they become your baby. And as they grow, they become more and more like one of your children. And as such, you’re going to always want the best for them. Not only does that mean you want them to be as happy as they can be, but you want them to be their healthiest self too. And as much as you may feel like you know what’s best for you dog – they are your pet after all, you might not. Because if you really want your pet to be healthy, there are certain things you should never do.

Feed Them Human Food

When you’re using to your dog hanging around your heels as you cook, you probably take one look at those pretty puppy dog eyes and throw them a little somethin’ somethin’. But don’t. Feeding them “human” food isn’t always the best idea. Nutrition is a huge part of health for a dog – just as much as it is to humans. But dogs have different dietary needs. Feeding them fats and sugars will not be good for their health, and can lead to health complications. So as much as those eyes might beg, try to keep away from feeding them what you eat.

Let Them Get Lazy

When your dog doesn’t want to go for a walk today and just wants to lay by the fire instead, it’s tempting to let them off – just because. If they don’t feel like it, what’s the harm? Well, this is the slippery slope down to inactiveness. And it’s essential to your dog’s health that they are able to keep active. As much as you might want them to be happy, it’s all about the tough love. An active dog is a happy dog, remember that.


Forget The Vet

We get it, you’re busy. But we all are. And that’s no excuse to forget about taking your dog to the vet. Okay, so when they’re ill or there’s a real problem, you’re probably the first one to be running along to the vet. But if your dog is going to be healthy, they need regular checkups. Take them once a year as a minimum to get checked over. You wouldn’t skip your routine checkups, so don’t let your dog.

Assume They’re Protecting Themselves

You know how we have the ability to fight off viruses, you may think dogs do too. But you could be forgetting one vital thing – we get shots when we’re young. Shots that protect us from certain things. So you need to be doing the same for your dog and protecting them too. With the right products, like the Seresto flea collar for dogs, you can. Then, you know that they’ll be protected from parasites at all times.

Overfeed Them

And finally, never overfeed them. Obesity can be a real health concern for dogs, just as it is for humans. It can put a lot of strain on their joints as well as their organs. So you want to make sure that you keep them in a healthy weight range, and never overfeed them.

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