New Baby Spending Spree!

When you’re having a baby, and you get close to your delivery time, it is common to amass a stockpile of clothes, equipment, and resources. This is on top of the items that you have bought for yourself to get you through your pregnancy, like this pillow and those stretchy trousers! Friends and family members often buy you gifts for the new addition to the family, which is great. But there will also be things that you need to get yourself. But how do you know what to actually spend your money on and what you can easily do without? Read on to find out.


When it comes to clothes, it can be pretty hard to get it right before the baby is born. For one thing, a lot of parents don’t know the sex of their child, so they are limited to the more neutral colors of yellow, green and white.

Another aspect that you need to be aware of is that you don’t actually know for sure how big your baby will be. It quite common nowaday for newborn to be up to 10lbs at birth. Which means if you have lots of newborn clothes they are going to fit for very long!

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Of course, you will want some outfits for the first week or so, but it might be best to wait to buy the other items until Baby is born.


Furniture is an interesting one. Some folks don’t bother to get any new furniture at all when they are pregnant. While others kit out an entire nursery with items that will make caring for baby easier. This one is really dependent on what is going to work for you.

If you have had children before you will probably know whether it’s will be helpful to have a changing table, or a mini wardrobe to hold of their items in. Another popular furniture addition to the nursery is a comfortable chair for breastfeeding.

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The main thing here is not to feel too much pressure to have everything perfect before the baby comes. As you can always order items once the baby has arrived, to deal with issues as they occur.

Travel equipment

Of course, you will want to be able to get out and about with Baby once is home from the hospital so getting your travel equipment sorted is a good idea.

A pram or pushchair is an important tool to more you can get out and about every day and get some fresh air.

You will also need a car seat so baby can be safe when traveling a vehicle. Before you buy one check out articles like these Graco Contender 65 reviews. Gather as much information as possible, so you know you are getting the most of out of your money.

Feeding equipment

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The one thing that it is a good idea to have sorted before you bring baby home from the hospital is feeding equipment. Ideally, the baby will be on the breast for at least the first few months. But you can’t always a guarantee that this is going to happen. That is why it is useful to have plenty of bottles, a sterilizer, and a breast pump on hand to use if you need it.

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