Motherhood: How To Chill But Still Be Brill

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Life as a mother is different. Suddenly you no longer feel like one person, but an entirely family; you feel responsible for every one of them and not just yourself, so it’s no wonder that your head is whirring. It’s hard to remember the individual at the heart of it all whilst you’re racing around the house, to and from school and perhaps even to your job all in the name of looking after your little loved ones (and maybe their father too).

It’s time you changed this. There are ways to look after your family whilst also looking after yourself; in fact, it’s very important that you do remember to look after yourself if you want to remain a happy, relaxed and focused mother to your children. If you need some help with ideas as to what you could do on your days off, then here’s a sample guide to finding ample mom time within your day.

A bathroom break.

No, I don’t just mean the five minutes of alone time you get in the morning to brush your teeth and go to the toilet. I mean a real bathroom break. If you’re a new mother, you may not have even taken a minute to breathe yet. It can be hard to find a routine wherein there’s time for you to relax. Once the kids are tucked up in bed or perhaps watching TV with dad in the evening, you can head upstairs, lock the bathroom door, light some candles, place your glass of wine within easy reach, and have a relaxing soak in the bath.

Maybe you could put on a little of your favourite “boring mum music” that you usually can’t play with the kids around or watch one of your favourite “boring mum shows” on your iPad that you can never watch on TV if the kids have the remote. This is a chance for you to be you whilst somebody else watches your little ones.

Beautify yourself.

Whilst you’re already beautiful, you may not feel that way right now; especially if you’ve just given birth to a new child. Your body has been through hell, and you might be lacking in confidence a little bit when you look in the mirror. Alternatively, perhaps you simply lack confidence anyway. The key to regaining that confidence in your appearance is to start looking after yourself as well as your body; when you take care of your body, you take care of your mind, and you’ll start to feel far more pleased with yourself when you next stroll past your mirror.

You could browse through some exceptional life products such as sesame seed oil to help look after your skin, for example. A beauty regime doesn’t have to be shallow or based purely on surface-level beauty; looking after your skin, hair and even maintaining a consistent weight (whatever your shape or size) will keep you healthier on an inner level, both mentally and physically.

Have a day or night out.

Socialising is something you may not do as often as you like if you’re a stay-at-home mother, but you don’t need to become a hermit. You’re allowed to take time off. You could give yourself a lunch to yourself whilst the kids are at school or you could even hit the cinema with a friend. In fact, even if you only have time to go out when the kids are at home, you don’t need to dump them on their father every time. You and your partner could go out for a nice meal every now and then; you’re allowed to hire a babysitter. Just remember that you can still be a brill mother even if you take some time off. It’d be bad for you not to do so.

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Try something new.

Remember that you are still a person with hobbies, interests and passions. You could get back into reading if you always loved that as a child or you could try to find a brand new interest altogether. It’s important that you still remember who you are at the heart of your persona as a ‘mother’. You’re a person with feelings and ambitions. This doesn’t mean you need to do something drastic to reclaim your independence. Still, simply trying something a little different, such as yoga, could give you an activity to do all by yourself either during your lunch break at work or during some free slot in the afternoon at home.

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