Making The Move That’s Right For Your Kids

No parent should be surprised by the fact their child (or children) are going to change how they handle the big events in life. Moving home is no different. In fact, it requires perhaps the greatest deal of adaptability on the parents’ end. The way you view a home, the way you value the area you’re moving into, even the way you make the move itself; it’s all going to change. So, how do you make sure that the move you’re making is the right one for the kids?


What are you looking for?

First, you have to consider what your new priorities for the home itself are. Many of these will be the same as always. You want more room so that you and your kids each have your own space and plenty of shared space. You want utilities to be functional so that the water is safe to use and the air is safe for your kids to breathe. But if you have young children, you want to consider things like how safe the garden is, how easy it will be to childproof the home. If there are little stairs, steps, and dips all over the home and the garden, you can only imagine the anxiety that will give you while your children are trying to play. You want a place that can assuage any concerns, not heighten them.

Where are you going?

What about the area you’re moving your family into? It should be no surprise that finding a good school will be at the top of your list, a search that sites like can help you with. In some states, as many as 1-in-4 families move specifically to secure a good school space for their children. This is where your research may be most extensive, but don’t forget to look at other signs for a good neighborhood. You can research crime statistics online, for instance, to ensure that your neighborhood of choice is safe. You should also research what businesses and community centers are in the area. Is it going to be a huge hassle every time you need to go for a grocery trip or visit the doctor?

What can you do to make it easier on them?

The move itself is likely going to involve some stress. There’s no getting around that. But a good start in a new neighborhood can be ruined if the children are having a stressful experience. Insulating them from it as much as possible can be a great help. Organize moving day way ahead of time with help from services like Enlist some friends to help get the children’s room set up as much as possible. You can even try to make it an adventure for them. But if you’re anticipating a difficult move, sometimes it might be best to have them spend the night at a family member’s place so that you can move in peace. Then, later when things have calmed down, you can frame a second move for them as a party in a new home that’s slightly more complete.

Having children may limit the selection of homes you might have once found acceptable. However, by keeping your priorities in the right place, you’re going to have a much better chance of finding your dream home without any nasty surprises popping up down the line.

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