Making the Most of a Thrifty Lifestyle

Living frugally doesn’t mean living cheaply. A lot of people mistake frugal lifestyles for a cheap one, but they would be wrong and there are some major advantages to living within your means instead of splashing your cash on luxuries you don’t need. So no matter what your income is, here are a couple of ways to fully utilize your thrifty lifestyle and still enjoy a lot of personal luxuries and comforts—there’s no need to compromise when you watch your income!



Cutting food bills


Making dinner can be a hassle especially when you have picky children that won’t eat what you make. So in order to cut down on food bills, we have to reduce the amount we pay at the source: the grocery store!


Supermarkets and grocers typically have lots of fantastic deals on fresh fruit and vegetables. However, there’s plenty of ways to cut down on costs so that your meals are more affordable. For starters, think about packaged vegetables and fruits and consider how much more they cost as opposed to going out into an open market or picking them fresh on your own. Compare the weights of those fresh ingredients and try to pick items that are ripe so that they last for longer. This guide at will teach you some valuable lessons on how to enjoy grocery shopping and some vital tips to make it less of a chore and more of a fun activity.


Searching for deals


Whether it’s buying a new smartphone or getting a new computer to replace your broken one, nothing beats finding a fantastic deal on the internet or in store. However, instead of waiting for those deals to come, why not actively look for one? To start, you could use a website like to search for coupons that work for stores near you, or online coupons to let you deliver items for a lower price.



The other component in deal searching is to look for the best value deals. If you’re buying a computer, then do some research into components and how to pick something that’s the best value for money. There are times when you need to spend a little more money for the added comfort and value, so don’t be afraid to pay a little more for important items such as kitchen appliances and electronics. It’s better value if you can maintain and repair them as opposed to being forced to replace them every few months.


Look for cheap entertainment


Most of us value going to the movies with our friends or heading out to a bar on a Friday night, but the frugal among us know that they’re money sinks that can be replicated at home.


Why go to an expensive bar that charges exorbitant amounts for drinks when you and your friends could have a movie night that includes pizza, drinks and entertainment for a fraction of the price? It’s all about getting your thrills for cheaper, and there’s nothing better than avoiding expensive, over-promoted attractions that aren’t worth your money.

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