Making Exercise Fun For Your Family

Getting fit as a family can be an amazing way to get into great habits and spend some quality time together. If you want to teach your kids some habits that will do them good in the future, as well as make some awesome memories, you can use these tips to make exercise fun for your family!

Do Things That Don’t Feel Like Exercise Because They’re So Much Fun

You don’t have to do things you don’t enjoy to get fit. Do things that don’t even feel like exercise because they’re so fun! Doing them as often as possible will ensure your kids stay healthy and get used to expending a lot of energy. Maybe you could play a game in the garden, or go to a class together. Some gyms offers classes that both kids and parents can attend.


Decide What To Do As A Group

If your kids are old enough, maybe you could decide what you want to do as a group. Perhaps your daughter would like to try dance classes, while your son wants to start playing football. You could alternate the things you do and make sure everybody gets a choice at what to try, or you could let your kids go off and try their own things individually. Eventually, they’re going to want to do that anyway!

Start While Your Kids Are Young

The younger your kids are when you start, the better. This will get them into the habit of moving, and they’ll think it’s a lot of fun. If you wait too long, it could become really difficult to coax your kids off the couch. You don’t want them to make a fuss about the family bike ride because they’d rather be on their tablet!

Mix It Up A Lot

Mixing things up a lot will ensure that nobody gets bored. If you find something you all love; great! Stick with it. However, there are so many things you can do. You can go for regular walks and bike rides. You can visit trampoline parks. You can even try things like ice skating! All of these things are great exercise and you’ll all have a blast together.


Get A Dog

Of course you shouldn’t just get a dog because you think it’ll make you more active as a family. You need to get a dog that matches your energy levels, or it isn’t fair on them. However, if you know you have the money and time needed to dedicate to a dog, getting one could be an option! You will all have more than enough reasons to get out with the dog each day, go for runs and walks and play fetch. You’ll get fresh air too, which is super healthy!

Start Tracking Progress

A fun way to encourage your family to keep going is to start tracking progress. Maybe you could time everybody’s laps around a field. Maybe you could all get pedometers and aim for a certain number of steps. Whatever you do, the aim to improve and some healthy competition should motivate everybody to keep going!

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