Make the Most of the Sleep That You Do Get As a Parent

Make the Most of the Sleep That You Do Get As a Parent

When you’re a parent to young children, it can be one of the most exhausting times of your life. It can be physically tiring to wake up in the night and not get a full night’s sleep. It can also be tiring to chase after little ones all day. Not to mention the exhaustion (and exasperation) that comes as a result of trying to get your children to eat their food. Which is why as a parent, you need to make the most of any sleep that you are able to get. So if you’re feeling constantly like a zombie, then this post is for you.


Create a Comfortable Sleep Environment

When you’re trying to get to sleep, then it isn’t going to help if where you are sleeping isn’t conducive to sleeping well. If the room is messy and cluttered, it can make your mind feel a little messy and cluttered. It also helps if you have an environment that allows you to switch off. Close windows if the neighbors are being noisy and consider getting things like blackout blinds to make the room nice and dark. You’re likely to wake up earlier if the mornings are light, even if you’re still tired. So have a look at your bedroom and think about what changes you can make.

Get a New Mattress

One of the things that can help to create a comfortable sleeping environment is getting a new mattress. If you share your bed, with your child, your partner or even both, then you’ll know how annoying it can be when they move a little, and the motion wakes you up. It can also be annoying if the bed is too soft and you end up rolling inwards toward the middle. Which is why a new mattress might be the thing to help you maximize the sleep that you do get. There are a lot of brands out there, but looking out for a Leesa mattress could be a good idea. They are reported to reduce the motion when someone moves or turns in the night. So it could be just what you need to sleep better.


Stick To a Routine

Over time we give our children a routine in the day and especially at bedtime. It helps them to know what is coming next and can make things like bedtime easier. But why do we not give ourselves a proper bedtime routine? It can make such a difference to us too. So choose a bedtime for yourself and stick to it. Your body will get into a routine, and you will feel much better for it. We can’t always predict the time that we will wake up. But we can at least make sure that we go to bed at the same time each night.

Avoid Caffeine

Now I’m not saying avoid caffeine at all because, for many of us, that is one of the things that helps us to get through the day. We just need to be more wary of the effect that it has on us specifically. Some people can have a coffee before bed and sleep through just fine. Others can’t have a coke after lunch without being awake for hours on end. So just monitor how much caffeine you’re having and the effect that it has on you. If you’re quite sensitive to it, then it is best to be avoided in the hours leading up to bedtime. Opt for a sparkling water if sodas are your thing, or choose a fruit tea if you like a hot drink before bed.

Sleep When Baby Sleeps

It can be so hard getting your baby to nap sometimes. So when they are napping, you can feel tempted to rush around and get everything done that you need to. But nap times can be so important for momma too. Even if you’re not able to get properly to sleep, taking the time to rest and close your eyes can be just what you need after a rough night. You might not feel the need to do this every time. But to start with, it can be just what you need.

So although the sleep that you get as a parent to young children can be interrupted and broken, you can make sure that the sleep you are getting is the best quality. Being able to fall asleep as soon as your head touches the pillow has got to be the dream, right? So clear your head, take time to unwind, and stick to a routine. You’ll be getting better sleep in no time.

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