Launch a Search-And-Destroy Mission: Where Do Fleas Hide?

Launch a Search-And-Destroy Mission: Where Do Fleas Hide?   

One of the primary reasons why eradicating a stubborn flea population is so tricky is because these tiny parasites know how to hide. Instead of all hiding in one location, fleas prefer to dwell in several areas. This is why pet parents who rely on flea medication for dogs and do nothing to kill the fleas hiding in their homes, witness limited success. To eliminate the flea population it’s important to adopt a multi-pronged approach. Treat the pet using flea meds and use yard and home treatment sprays to attack the areas where fleas hide. This prompts the question, where do fleas hide? Following are few areas you need to cover when looking for fleas to kill.

Litter Boxes and Other Sandy Spots:  Flea larvae that develop into adult fleas are often found in sandy areas. Litter boxes for cats are ideal habitats for fleas. They not only get a warm sandy spot but they are also able to latch on to the cat when it bends downward to do its business. Apart from litter boxes, backyard sandboxes are also common habitats for fleas.

Grassy Areas:  Fleas are often found on tall leaves of grass. Using the vantage points, fleas simply jump on to the host bodies undetected when a dog or cat brushes by the leaves. This means if you have a lot of grassy area in your backyard, it’s time to trim them and apply some yard spray for fleas.

Carpets and Sofa Crevices: Much like a pet’s fur a high-pile or a shaggy carpet offers the perfect dwelling ground for fleas. Area rugs and foot mats are also susceptible to infestation. Thankfully, there are more than few ways to get rid of fleas from carpets, area rugs, and mats. Apart from using carpet sprays and powders you can use a vacuum cleaner to suck out the fleas hidden deep within the fibers. If your entire floor is carpeted and you are facing a serious infestation, it’s time to call the professionals. Most loving pet parents allow their pets on the bed and on the living room sofa. Fleas use this as an opportunity to infest sofas and beds. Thankfully, most carpet sprays and powders for fleas can be used kill off the fleas present in sofa and bed crevices.

Tile Cracks:  Any cracks and corners that are hidden from view are susceptible to flea infestations. Adult fleas, larvae, eggs, and pupae are often found in the cracks between two floor tiles. Vacuuming hardwood and tiled floors is an easy way of getting rid of them.

On the Pet’s Body: While you take care of fleas present in your home, don’t forget to attack their headquarters, that’s your pet’s body. Use pet-friendly flea shampoos to quickly kill the fleas on your pet. Spot-on treatments for fleas and ticks are also potent flea killers. Apart from getting rid of the existing fleas, these flea meds help in preventing future infestations.

Pet Bedding and Sleeping Areas: If your pet has fleas, then you can say with certainty that the pet’s bed is one of the major dwelling grounds of these bloodsucking parasites. You should also check the areas were your pet loves to lie down and take a nap.

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