Kwik Stix & Magic Stix Review

Kwik Stix & Magic Stix Review

Disclosure I was provided with the product and compensation for my honest review of these products. All opinions are my own.

A while back I did a review of Kwik Stix and let’s just say, they do not disappoint. Mini was 2 at the time and has loved them. I actually may love them more than her if we’re being honest. The fact that I could let a child paint and didn’t have to worry about putting her in a giant bubble, was a great relief. Plenty of times they rolled off the table and onto the floor but I didn’t stress about it. I’d just get a wet cloth and dab it up. Naturally it would end up on her hands and her hands would make their way to her mouth but good news parents, these are NON-TOXIC!

Kwik Stix reached out to me again and asked if I’d be interested in trying out their newest product, Magic Stix. Well do kids love sugar? Of course I wanted to try them out. They are my new favorite thing. I have been using them more than the kid actually.

These have no odor to them, the cap is vented for safety and the colors are just as bright as they appear on the pen. But what really sold me on them, they do not dry out for seven days, SEVEN, with a cap off. Kids aren’t the greatest about getting caps back on markers before they put them away, mine included.  With 12 color that wash off her hands, my table and clothes, they’re a blast for every day play.

Magic Stix have amazing color and no worry of mess.

Get a set here.

I honestly can’t recommend these enough. I will be getting them for gifts for the kids in our family. The Kwik Stix are great for little hands. Takes a bit of elbow grease for little ones to get the caps off, which is nice as a parent because even with them washing off, I don’t want my kid going crazy and painting the walls. Because I don’t have time to clean that up, nor do I want to. With such vibrant colors when they dry, pictures seem to pop more.

They even have them available for purchase in the 6 pack at Walgreen’s stores. Trust me, these are worth getting. Inexpensive with hours of entertainment.

If you haven’t had a chance, I definitely recommend getting a set.

These dry in 90 seconds, so no stressing when they decide to sit on the paper while they paint.

Hope you enjoy them as much as we do. You can get a Kwik Stix set here.

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