Kid’s Meals: Easy Meals Made Ahead

So I am not sure why I have never posted about this before. The other day I was asked by a mom how I manage to get out with my daughter to run errands early in the morning.  I told her about all of my prep work. All of Audrey’s clothes are organized by type and style. Easy to grab everything. It’s gotten to the point that if I ask her to get something, she can and usually does. But I also make sure to do meal prep for her.

About every 2 weeks, I will whip up a  bunch of food for her. It’s items that can either be frozen and easily heated up in a microwave or toaster or individually wrapped in the cupboard. I have also set up cereal bars (need to learn to make my own) on a shelf for her to get if she needs food faster than I’m moving.

I am amazed at how much time it saves and less food is wasted by this. Some of the things I’ve managed to make so far are:

1. Pancakes, I will whip up huge batches at once. I make them small for her and I add a few drops of maple syrup to the batter. Once they’ve cooled down, you just toss them in a Ziplock and freeze them. When she wants to eat one I toss it in the microwave for 30 seconds on each side. You’ll have to see what works for you with reheating. They’re great if you don’t have time to sit down to eat.

2. Belgium Waffles, oh my favorite. I don’t like the frozen ones from the store, taste like cardboard. Again I will mix up a huge batch, usually doubling the recipe. Once they’ve cooled down, I put them in a baggy and freeze them. The fact that they break into quarters make them great for a toaster. I like mine with a little crunch.

3. Yogurt has become a staple in our breakfast routine. If you have seen the applesauce squeeze pouches, you can buy those. They have a huge mix of foods. Only they’re kind of pricey. So we started making our own. They have refill kits online you can buy or you can go to Walmart and get the reusable pouches. If we’re going to be running around or I’m going on a run, then I will fill up a pouch for her.

4. Drinks are a necessity. I am not a fan of giving her sugar filled drinks so I buy huge containers of juice and the night before we have to go somewhere I’ll fill her sippy cups up and let them wait in the fridge.

5. Snacks are a big deal to kids. You can get baggies and fill them with crackers or cereal. Or you can buy these cute little cups that are made for tiny hands.


6. Sandwiches are our lunch almost every day when the weather warms up. I will make them up ahead of time so we can take them to the park for some play time and a picnic.

7. Fruit cups are fun for kids. Packaging alone makes these expensive. I like to get fresh fruit cut up and put it in her tiny bowls and wrapped up. She’ll eat them if they’re exciting.

Now I am not a Pinterest mom (I wish) but I do enjoy making her meals fun once in a while. I’ll cut up her sandwiches with a cookie cutter or let her use the adult silverware. She loves dip cups too. My cousin’s wife has used ice trays for their girls.

Exactly, I AM a cool mom!

So what are your meal tips for kids?

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