The Home Can Be A Scary Place If Your Don’t Know How To Handle It. Get A Grip On Things To Keep Your Child Safe

Do you do everything possible to keep your kids safe while they’re out the house? Good, that’s how it should be! As a parent, every aspect of your child’s safety is your concern. The world is a dangerous place and your child doesn’t know it yet! Just taking steps to keep them safe while they’re out isn’t enough, though. We sometimes spend so long trying to keep them safe out there, that we forget the unknown dangers in our homes. Home dangers are another thing you should add to your list of concerns. It’s a list that’s ever-growing, but for a good reason! If you don’t turn your attention to tackling the problem, you’ll have to watch them every second of the day. If you get your home as safe as possible, you won’t have to worry so much about what they do! The task of child proofing a house can seem overwhelming. That’s why we’ve got some tips on how to achieve it.

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Keeping your home clean is a point that shouldn’t need stating. Your child is close to the floor, so any dirt you fail to clean up will be close to them too! Does your child spend a lot of time crawling on the floor? Do they like to stick their fingers into forgotten corners? Of course they do. That’s what being a child is all about. This harmless behavior could turn dangerous if you haven’t cleaned properly. Avoid disaster by getting on top of your cleaning routine. With little ones around, you should be cleaning every day. Observing your child’s behavior is the best way to spot areas that could cause a problem. If you have doubts about whether they can reach a place, clean it just in case! This isn’t something you want to take risks with. Of course, you also face risks with the cleaning products you use. Having strong chemicals in the house when you have a little one around isn’t ideal. If you do keep a cleaning cupboard of strong products, make sure it’s out of reach of little fingers. Keeping cleaning bits under the kitchen sink may seem like the best idea, but you don’t know who might find them! The higher you store them, the better. Of course, this will have to change as your child grows older. When they’re little, though, the situation should be easy to manage.

Even if you keep the products out of reach, there are risks. Remember how close your child will be to those areas you’re cleaning. No matter how safe they claim to be, strong chemicals can be harmful. Your child’s body is small, and any trace of chemicals left on a surface could do damage. Avoid the eventuality by turning to eco-friendly cleaning products and organic detergents. There are even products out there designed for use around little ones! If you can’t find a product that suits, there are alternatives. Get familiar with cleaning products you can make using household items like lemons and baking soda. These are completely child-friendly, and they get the job done!

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The home is full of hazards. That’s never more evident than when you have a toddler wandering around. If you have a heart attack every time you see your little one heading towards that sharp corner, remove it. Think about the height of your child in comparison to the furniture you have. If your furniture comes head height or below, it could be a problem. Sharp corners can cause massive problems. Aim to keep your home as corner free as possible. One day, you’ll be able to have beautiful display cabinets again. For the time being, though, it might be best to get rid. If you have your heart set on keeping them, get creative with ways to cover those corners. Pad them with something that is sure to stop your kid getting hurt.

It’s not just sharp corners that you have to worry about, either. Other hazards include things you might not consider. Houseplants are a big no when you’ve got a youngster. They may look fantastic in your home, but they’re a hazard you don’t need in your life. Children have wandering hands, and they could find their way into the soil. They could even try chewing the plant. Most houseplants are safe, but many aren’t. If you’re determined to keep one around, research which is non-toxic. That way, you know no harm will come to your kid, even if they do give it a go. Don’t think that keeping those toxic plants up high will be enough to solve problems, either. Pieces can drop from any plant. An unidentified object on the floor is sure to catch your child’s attention before it does yours!

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No one wants to lock their child up. Even so, fences and stair gates can be a huge help once your little one finds their feet. You may watch them most of the time, but it only takes a second for an accident to happen. Take the pressure off by accepting you can’t look at them every second of the day. Stairs are always a risk, so block those with a stair gate straight away. Even if your child manages to climb them, there’s the danger of falling. A fall from that height would be terrible for such a little body! Stair gates are useful for more than just stairs, too. Install one if you want to ensure your child is safe in one room. That way, you can cook tea without worrying about what they’re doing! Use them, too, to block off areas you would rather your kid didn’t explore. Remember, they’re curious. Without a stair gate in place, no room is off limits! As well as keeping them safe, this will ensure they don’t mess with anything they shouldn’t. Got important papers in the study? Keep them safe by installing one of these bad boys!

Fences can be a big help, too. These mainly come in useful outside, though fencing off a safe play area in the house may not be a bad idea. Make sure you have a secure fence around your garden. That way, you can be sure that your child won’t wander off when they’re outside playing! If you have a pond or pool, make sure to fence that off, too. Falling into one of those would be terrible for your child! Even if you keep an eye on them while they’re outside, it’s important you take these steps. Remember, it only takes a second for something awful to happen. Even with the precautions in place, be aware that children are fast learners. Stay alert for any signs that your child is trying to open any gates in their way. Once they’ve started making an attempt, they’ll have the thing open in no time. If that’s the case, you may have to take further steps to keep them away from those dangerous places!

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Houses get cluttered. That’s especially true if you have a child around the place. Do you have a lot of things on the floor? Or, does your child like to leave their toys lying around the place? Get on top of storage and make sure to remove clutter as soon as it’s made. Clutter poses a health risk for anyone in the house, but it could be especially risky for your child. Toddlers don’t look where they’re going most of the time. You could have some nasty falls on your hands if you don’t keep on top of things! Try to teach your child, while they’re young, that toys go back in the toy box as soon as they’ve played with it. If you’re picking those toys up for them, make sure they watch you do it. No matter how many times you have to repeat yourself, keep at it. Eventually, the message should sink in. It might be worth developing a reward system to give them an incentive. Develop a star chart, and give them a gold star every time they end a play session by cleaning. Children love to know you notice their efforts!

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If you don’t want to change your home to fit around your little one, you could give them a space of their own to play in. That’s not to say that you should lock them in their rooms. Why not turn your spare room into a playroom? Or, block off half of your living room and let them play there. When they’re in that space, you know there’s no chance they could get hurt. You’ll be able to carry on with any tasks that need doing while they play. If you set up the spare room as a playroom, make sure you take the time to play with them there. Don’t let the divide come between you. It’s still important you spend plenty of time with your little one!

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