Hidden Sugars Are Damaging Your Child’s Health

Hidden Sugars Are Damaging Your Child’s Health

It’s no secret that sugar is bad for your kids. There’s an obesity epidemic happening and sugar is largely to blame. Most parents don’t let their kids drink soda and eat candy all of the time but that doesn’t mean they aren’t eating sugar. Even foods that people think are incredibly healthy are often packed with sugar. Things that are low fat usually make up for the loss in taste by packing them with loads of sugar. Fruit juice is another dangerous one because lots of parents try to replace soda with juice, thinking that it’s way better. Juice does have more nutrients in there but in terms of sugar, it has the same or sometimes more than a soda. You need to be checking the labels on your food to make sure that you aren’t falling prey to hidden sugars but also, you should be watching out for these symptoms that might indicate that your kids are eating too much.

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Mood Swings

This is a hard thing to spot because young children are often prone to mood swings anyway, but if it’s happening a lot, it could be an indicator of a problem. When people eat a lot of sugars they experience a sugar high. After an hour or so that will subside and then you’ll crash pretty hard, making you irritable and moody. This often affects kids worse than it does adults so if you notice that your child is becoming a bit of a nightmare soon after eating, it probably means that whatever they’ve had is packed with sugar. www.parents.com has some great tips on dealing with mood swings but if sugar is a big part of their diet it’s hard to keep their emotions under control.


The more obvious sign of too much sugar is having a lot of cavities. Repeated trips to the dentist is never a good sign but most parents often overlook diet because they’re not feeding their kids candy or soda. Cavities are only usually caused by excess sugar so if they’re recurring and you don’t know why visit sites like http://www.soldentalcare.com/ and set up an appointment with the dentist. They’ll be able to tell you whether there’s too much sugar in your kid’s diet, then it’s up to you to work out where it’s coming from.

Weakened Immunity

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Kids are always prone to getting sick but you’re making the problem way worse if you’re accidentally feeding them too much sugar. The immune system is governed by the bacteria levels in your body. Most people are scared of the word bacteria but there are a lot of types that you need in your body. Eating too much sugar can upset the balance between the good and the bad strains of bacteria which will have a big negative impact on their immune system. Cutting out sugar won’t stop them from getting ill entirely but it will massively reduce their symptoms and make them less likely to get sick.

Trying to cut down on sugar is a real struggle nowadays because it just pops up everywhere but if you take the time to look carefully at what you’re buying, you can avoid these health problems in your kids.

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