Here’s Why You Need A Dog In Your Life

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Nothing has the power to make you smile when you are down and feel comforted when you’re alone like a dog. Dogs are the most incredible companions out there, the most loyal and lovable of creatures. Almost everyone would agree. But that doesn’t mean the decision to own a dog is an easy decision to make.

So, in an attempt to help you decide whether you need a dog to bond with, we have come up with a list of ways a furry friend will help bring more than just a smile to your life, they will improve your world no end.

They Are Unrivalled Mood Lifters

Spending as little as a half hour a day with a dog has been proved to reduce stressful vibes and increase your happy levels, making you that much more calm and relaxed. This has been proved by none other than science. How? Well, playing with a labrador or retriever or any other type of pup makes your brain leak dopamine and serotonin. So next time you feel like you could really do with a pick me up, then do all you can to make that dog’s tail wag, and you’ll feel the effects yourself.

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They Make You Superhuman

Yup, children that have grown up with dogs are far less likely to get eczema than those who don’t. So if you have small children, and you’re not sure whether getting a dog will be a good idea or a bad one, now you have your answer. But it isn’t just the eczema thing because kids will grow up better immune to allergies in general.

They Improve Your Physical Wellbeing

Here’s the thing, your dog needs exercise. You could be the owner of a British Bulldog, which is what describes as a potentially lazy and stubborn breed, but it is still going to need exercise. And when your dog goes for a walk or a run, so do you. Part of puppy-parenthood is being totally responsible for your dog’s health, something that will have a knock-on effect regarding your own health.

They’ll make Your Kids Go To School

Back to reasons why dogs can help with parenting duties and it has been proved that dog-owning families also have better school attendance records. According to this is absolutely true. The reason for this is quite simply part and parcel of kids having better immune systems, and recovery rates when they have a dog in the home. Better immune systems mean less illness, which means less time off school. Now that is a win.

They Will Improve Your Social Lives

In the same way that children need to have interaction with other children, dogs require that same level of interaction and social experience. But it isn’t just them that gets to have all the chit-chats when it comes to puppy dates because you’ll have to take them and that means you’ll get to socialize with the other owners too. It’s not just puppy dates, though. Just having a dog encourages people to randomly strike up conversations. Trust us.

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