Great Ways To Feed Your Family For Less

Great Ways To Feed Your Family For Less

We all know that the cost of living isn’t about to go down, and unless you’re psychic and know what the next lottery draw is going to be, there’s no easy way to make sure you’re providing for your family. One of the expenses that you simply can’t drop is groceries. You want to feed your family, but if you don’t want to go broke in the process, here are some great tips for making it cheaper.

Get Back to Basics

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When you’re grocery shopping on a tight budget, you need to do everything you can to avoid wasting money on big brand names, superfoods that happen to be in fashion, and the kind of pre-packaged or processed things that we can cook ourselves. For example, ground almond meal typically goes for $10 per 200 grams. That’s $50 a kilo! Alternatively, you can buy a kg of raw almonds for around $12, and then process or mill them when you’re cooking anything that requires almond meal. Yes, this means a little more prep time, but also huge savings! Take a look in your pantry right now, and think of all the things you buy pre-made that you could make yourself and save money on. If you’re not sure whether you’re ready to make the switch for a certain food, do a little research. You’d be surprised at the things that are remarkably easy to cook! Read about some of these here:

Discover Couponing, Points Schemes, Etc

If you’re like most people, there are probably countless schemes and offers that you’re overlooking, that can make feeding your family so much cheaper. Discovering couponing, and making it part of the routine, is one of the best ways to source cheap or even free groceries. You can read more about this here: By setting aside just a few minutes a day, you can open your eyes to a wide range of deals through coupons. Though the savings may not seem like much on the surface, they all add up! You should also look into any points schemes your grocery store runs. Many big chains offer membership cards and points schemes that will give you money off on days out, school supplies and so on. This will allow you to save on other family expenses, and ultimately pay less for putting food on the table.

Start Planning Meals

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For many people, a large part of what makes groceries so expensive is impulse buying. You pass something tasty in the store, or have to rush out for an improvised meal, and wind up spending much more money than you’d originally intended. The easiest way to get around this is simply planning your meals for the week in advance. When you know exactly what you need for the week ahead, and write your shopping lists accordingly, it will become so much easier to stick to the plan, and avoid spending anything more than you should. It only takes a few minutes, and can save you a lot of squandered cash!

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