Great Gifts for Foodies

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The good thing about food and drink lovers is that you always know that buying them something edible will go down well. The bad thing about foodies is that they’re much more discerning than the average eater which means that you have to be extra careful before buying them a gift.

If you know and love a foodie, and they have a special occasion coming up, you can bet your bottom dollar that they’ll be over the moon if you present them with any of the following fabulous foodie gifts:

A Luxury Food Hamper

When you’re gifting a foodie, it’s impossible to go wrong with a luxury food hamper. You know automatically that all of the produce in the hamper id top-quality stuff that they will get a kick out of, and even if there are one or two things that don’t suit their palate, they’ll probably be happy passing it onto a friend.

Gourmet Coffee

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Rich, smooth and aromatic, there are few people who can resist a cup of the dark stuff and foodies are no exception. Of course, you’ll need to go that extra mile and find them something a bit unique if you want to impress them with the gift of coffee. May I recommend Saudi coffee? It’s definitely tasty, definitely gourmet and it’s a bit more unusual than the stuff you find at the grocery store. It’ll go down a treat.

A Herb Garden Kit

Good food simply isn’t good food unless it contains herbs, so what better gift could you give your favorite cook that their very own indoor herb gardening kit, which will allow them to grow and use their own fragrant herbs whenever the mood hits? Nothing, that’s what.

A Cheese Board

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Are you friends with a foodie who’s just mad about cheese? Make their day by presenting them with a gourmet cheese board filled with some of the best varieties of food it’s possible to find in the country. Wrap it up with a bottle of wine and some crackers you’ll be their favorite person for, oh at least a month. Just remember to invite yourself round for a sample.

Premium Meats

Did you know that you can buy premium quality meats online? For less than $150 you can buy ten piece of premium quality meat that will delight your barbecue loving friends and ensure that you get an invite to their next barbecue. Present the meat with a selection of rubs and sauces for a gourmet gift that will blow everyone else’s offerings straight out of the water.

Gourmet Food Boxes

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If you want to give your loved one a gift that keeps on giving, sign them up to one of the many gourmet food boxes, which will send everything from luxury chocolates to Italian delicacies and spicy offerings from around the world to the best quality coffee around, direct to their door once a month. Just find out what day it arrives, so you can be there with fork in hand when it does!

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