Gifts to Buy for a New Mom

So your friend has just had a baby! Woohoo! Of course, you want to get her something special to mark the occasion but where do you begin? While there is so much happiness that comes with a new bundle of joy, it also comes with a ton of hard work and a whole new life. You know you can’t wrap up a week of sleep and slip it under her pillow and that she already has enough soft toys to drown in in her lounge, so why not gift her something that is just for her to ease the overhaul of life as she knew it? Here are some ideas for gifts to give the new mom in your circle of friends.

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Offer to walk the dog

Your friend probably hasn’t slept much recently, even before the baby was born, and combining dog walks with a newborn requires superhero powers, or a loving friend to step in. If baby falls asleep while you are visiting, quickly take the opportunity to take the pooch out for a stomp, so mom and dad can catch some much needed quiet time.

Home cooked food

Turning up with a week’s worth of food, already packaged into one-portion and freezer friendly sizes will be an unexpected lifesaver. Think healthy, tasty and easy meals like lasagne, casseroles, and soups in disposable containers so that nobody has to think about washing up. You will forever be known as The Best Person Ever in your friend’s household!

Vouchers for a store she loves

Your new mumma deserves to treat herself now that she has a little person to think about, so why not get her a voucher or two for her favorite store? She’ll also be wanting to save as much money as she possibly can right now, on anything anyone in her family needs. This Bealls coupon code is a great option, as there are many ways your girl can save the pennies on things she likes and needs!

A cleaner

Priorities change when you have a newborn, and juggling feeding times with limited sleep will likely mean that keeping the house spick and span goes out the window. Take the stress out of the chores by buying a few hours of cleaning each month or week. Not all heroes wear capes, after all.

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Prepaid photo prints

Your friend is going to be taking a lot more photos from now on! Nobody likes having to sift through the computer archives to find them though, so why not buy her a prepaid photo print plan? All she’ll need to do is upload her favorites and get them sent to her whenever she wants!

A snack hamper

Those first few weeks of being a parent are pretty hardcore and sometimes making a meal will just be too much for your friend to make time for. Put together a hamper of all her favorite snacks, teas, preserves and healthy goodies that will make it easy for her to grab and nibble on as she goes.

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