Gifts for Gourmet Lovers

Buying gifts for a foodie can be tough, especially if you’re more a bangers and mash kind of person. This gift guide will help you to navigate through the weird and wonderful world of food, be it cheese, kitchen utensils, or even types of oil. There are gift ideas suitable for every budget and taste, so take a look!


Cheeses are pretty much a universally well-received gift. They come in hampers and can be brought from quaint artisan shops, and make a great gift for any food lover. If you don’t know the first thing about cheese don’t panic. Cheese has different texture and different tastes. This is why you hear some people referring to soft cheese and hard cheese, strong and mild cheese.

Mozzarella, Ricotta, and Cream Cheese are all spreadable cheeses. They work best when smeared onto bread or crackers, or even stirred into sauces. Soft cheeses include Camembert and Brie. These cheese may sound familiar, they’re used a lot as sandwich fillings because of their texture. Hard cheeses include Cheddar and Red Leicester. Most cheese shops will let you sample their cheeses. So get trying, and choose one that you think tastes good!

Kitchen Utensils

If you want to avoid buying food for a food lover, opt instead to buy some kitchen utensils instead. A gnocchi paddle is a great gift for any food fanatic that loves to cook at home. The little paddle has ridges on it which help you to shape gnocchi like a pro. If you’re looking to spend a little more consider buying your foodie friends a new knife set. If you’re stuck on which kind to buy check out the Cut it Fine buying guide.

If the receiver of your gift is more a food and drink person why not buy them a decanter? A decanter is a statement gift that will go perfectly on any connoisseurs drinks cabinet. If it’s a big birthday, spend a little more and go all out on a crystal decanter. If you’re budget doesn’t stretch this far opt for smaller drink related gifts. Taster sized bottles are a fun gift, and a great way to hedge your bets rather than buying one big bottle! Alternatively buy the lucky person in question some new glassware.


This may sound like an uninspired choice of gift, but any foodie will know that there are lots of different types of oil. If you buy them from a market stall or food shop, they also come in pretty, gift appropriate packages. Encourage the recipient of the gift to step outside their comfort zone with some more unusual oils. Avocado oil, mustard oil, and even peanut oil can all be used in cooking. Buy some fancy oils as a gift for someone to cook with, dress salads, or even grease tins .

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