Getting Your Baby Around Town In Style

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We start shopping for our little ones as soon as we find out that they are on the way. Little outfits, diapers, toys, cots. We want the absolute best for them and with so many designer baby brands around, the range of options that we have is broader than ever. The list is seemingly never ending. It’s easy to forget some things, big and small. So here’s a run through of our favorite baby items to show your little one off in style.




Your baby should sleep in the same room as you for the first few months of his or her life. The best way to go about this is to invest in a Moses basket. This can be put at the side of your bed and keep your baby cosy and sleeping sound throughout the night. There are beautiful, simplistic styles out there: most are wicker with a neutral toned hood, but if you fancy something a little more bold, search for bright colours such as orange, purple or green. You can use the first few months to get your baby’s own room into order. You will need a cot for when your little one grows out of their Moses basket. Choose something large enough to tide them over until they need their first bed. Also make sure that the cot has high sides. Your baby will stay fairly still when they are newborn, but after a few months they will start to climb things. You need to be able to sleep safe in the knowledge that your little one is kept in their cot. Baby bedding is relatively minimal, but you can still find sheets and blankets with beautiful designs and made of the softest fabrics. You will need a little wardrobe for all of their clothes and some form of storage for their teddies and toys. A changing table isn’t necessary but is a good investment. Try to find one that has storage beneath to keep your nappies, creams and other essentials in.


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Baby Strollers


Long gone are the days of basic baby strollers. Nowadays the price of strollers can exceed that of some people’s first car. So you want to get the best for your money. You should prioritise your baby’s safety and comfort. But once you’ve found a reliable brand and model of pram, you can start to think about aesthetics. You might personally prefer neutral tones like cream and vanilla. But remember, babies are messy and light colors will become dirty and stained quickly. Darker tones don’t seem quite apt for a little one though. Opt for vibrant tones to make your little bundle of joy stand out when they’re out and about in public. If you find yourself struggling to make a choice, click here to find out about baby strollers. You need to gather all of the information available to you before investing in such a large item.


Car Seats


Once you’ve chosen your stroller, keep an eye out for matching car seats. You need a car seat if you’re planning on taking your baby out in a vehicle. Buy from a trusted brand and seller, as this will guarantee that the relevant safety checks have been carried out on the final product.

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