Get A Pet – You’ll Feel So Much Better!

Get A Pet – You’ll Feel So Much Better!



If you’ve been feeling rather down lately, whether that be from a bad breakup or a nightmare boss, it’s only normal that you should treat yourself to something. But rather than a box of chocolates and a bottle of wine (although these work too!), why not change it up a little. The box with soon be empty, and so will that bottle, so maybe you should find something that lasts a little longer…


A pet. Pets are awesome, and anyone that doesn’t already own one is missing out big time. Here are all the reasons why.



Pets do so many different things that make us laugh. Whether it be when a dog chases his own tail round in circles, or when a cat makes perfect eye contact with you, only to knock off everything that is on the table. And we love them for it! They say that laughter is the best medicine, and this really is true. It decreases the stress hormones and instead, increases our immune cells which help us to fight off infections and illnesses. It also triggers that wonderful chemical called endorphins that make us feel oh so good.



If you struggle with a form of mental illness, then having a pet can really help that. Take a dog for example; they are able to give you a support that sometimes other humans can’t offer, and that is why a doctor can now prescribe you with an emotional support dog certificate so that you can have your very own companion to make the daily struggles easier. They provide you with a friend that’s there to give you cuddles and affection, and they will even encourage you to get out of the house, because they need to be walked. It’s your job to take on that responsibility, which breaks you out of a negative routine and shows you how beautiful the world can be.



At times, you may feel as though you’re alone, and yet you’re not ready to invite all of your friends over either – this is where a pet comes in. They give you that sense of presence that you may be lacking. You can play with them, pet them, and feel all that love headed in your direction. And they don’t even ask for anything in return. It is said that dogs can love a person unconditionally, regardless of what kind of job they have, how much money they make, what colour their skin is, or how many followers they have on Instagram. These creatures are the ones with the purest of intentions, so if you’re looking to share your company with someone – get a pet.


And there you have it. You have the most popular reasons laid out in front with you, so have a think about what it is you want, and always do your research first. Different breeds have different traits, so be sure to familiarise yourself with these so you know they are the one for you, that fits easily into your life.


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