The Five Most Important Things You Can Do For Your Children

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Having children is one of the most awesome experiences you will have in life.  Suddenly you become the most important thing in another human beings life.  You will be responsible for everything they learn, until they become teenagers and then they will decide they know everything anyway!

So, where do you start?  With everything there are some foundations and if you have these set in place from birth, you won’t go too far wrong on your journey throughout motherhood.


This starts well before your children arrive.  A good, balanced diet is vital for strong bones and happy organs.  So throughout your pregnancy read up as much as you can on nutrition, what does what.  Ensure you are getting plenty of fruit and lots of calcium.  Once your baby is born a healthy balanced diet is the greatest gift you can give them.  Healthy eating as an everyday routine from the moment children move on to solids, will make healthy eating a normality as they grow into young adults.  Give them the best start you can

Have The Best Team You Can Assemble

You don’t have to do this alone.  Infact children who share a close bond with parents or close family friends are more likely to have a balanced and calm outlook on life and are more likely to feel they have someone to talk to, for those times they can’t talk to you! It is also important to have a strong professional team around you.  Be sure you find one of the best pediatricians in your area.  It is important you have a strong relationship, after all they will be there for both you and your children at the most vulnerable times.

Learn to Listen When It Matters

As children get older it can seem like your house is constantly full of noise.  You need to ensure you listen when it counts.  Babies can tell you how they feel or what they need through various cries and gurgles.  Toddlers will use subtle stories to express their concerns and teenagers?  Teenagers are going through the most emotional time of their lives, they need you to know what they are feeling before they do.  Take time, no matter how busy you are, to listen and take a look at this blog post on Positive Parenting


Reading is one of the best things you can do with your children from a young age.  Make it exciting and important and fun.  Teach them to read as early as possible and more importantly, teach them to love reading.  As they grow older give them the passion for taking time out and entering into another world.  It will feed their imagination and help them with study.  It is never too early to teach words and shapes of words to your children.  And it is one of the greatest gifts you can give to them.

Remember You

Whilst everything else is going on and no matter how old your children are, they are always going to need you.  So make sure you take plenty of time out to relax and destress.  Babies can pick up on their mother’s emotions whilst in the womb and this doesn’t stop when they are born.  If you are a calm and relaxed your children will be calm and relaxed.

So, remember to dip into that great team you assembled and give yourself a bit of love too.

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