Five Essentials For Every Bar Cart

Five Essentials For Every Bar Cart

When it comes to the different decor options and functionalities that you can add to your home, everyone will have their individual tastes. To some, a charming library will be the one thing they want, while others may prefer a modern home cinema room. However, there’s definitely always one winner when it comes to the idea of entertaining, and that’s always a bar to make the perfect cocktails at. But when you don’t want to move things around too much, you might want to work with an elegant looking bar cart instead. However, deciding on what to add to it can be a huge task in itself, so let’s take a look at some of the essentials you won’t want to forget.

Gorgeous Glassware

The first thing you’re going to need to find is the right barware. To make drinks, you need to serve them in glasses, so make sure you figure out the styles you want to work with. You may decide to choose the shape and style based on your favorite drinks or even the look of the glass. Either way, make sure you shop around and find glassware that’s not only fitting for the drinks it will hold but the look of your bar cart overall.

An Ice Bucket

Next, you’re going to need an ice bucket. Whether you’re serving up shorts or classic cocktails, your guests or even yourself might like an ice cube or two with their order. Although you could run back and forth to the freezer, if you want your cart to look the part, you should find a nice ice bucket that will sit well with the style and work with your glassware too.


Then you need to think about the actual drinks stock that you’re working with. For starters, you’re going to need the base of most of your drinks: the spirits. Now, you may want to work with a wide selection that looks good on your cart, but you also need to ensure that you only select the spirits that you will use – it would be a waste otherwise. At this point, you may even want to research some fun cocktail recipes, so you know what spirits you will need to make them. As a start, a whiskey, gin, and vodka would work well.


With your research in mind, you then need to pick out the perfect mixers too. Be sure to pick out the juices or flavorings you will need, as well as sodas or flavored sparkling water for non-drinkers. They often give a lovely finish to your cart too, particularly when the bottles are quite eye-catching and work with the style you’re channelling.


And finally, you’re going to need to work with some set accessories for your cart too. Not only do they help to style your bar cart out nicely, but you may also need them. So compile a list of straws, napkins, stirring spoons, some prongs for the ice, a bottle opener, and maybe even a wine stopper if you think you may need them. Then, all that’s left to do is shop and style away.


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