When Supermom Crashes – Guest Post

When Supermom Crashes – Guest Post

Thank you to Stacey of 40 Wishes and Counting for guest posting on my site. She has been a huge support of me and always helping me out. You can find this post originally on her blog here.

My Name is Stacey and I blog about the crazy parenting life and all that goes with it. Grab some cake and a good drink and head on over to 40 wishes and counting where I started a blog at 40 rather than climb over the hill.


My 2 year old daughter bit me and when I finally was able to breathe again after the pain, I lost it. Baby girl was put into her crib and I sat down outside the door to take a moment. The sound of my 4 year old son crying was coming through his bedroom door loud and clear. He was in time out. How does such a small kid have SO much attitude?

The day started off with me making coffee and the kids waffles. I had just poured the steaming coffee into the cup when the fighting started. It just spiraled downward from there.

Five minutes later, I was holding baby girl after she had charged after her brother and then there I was, sitting outside her door after she left teeth marks in my shoulder.


Deep breaths. Deep breaths, I tell myself.

I pride myself on being a supermom but before you roll your eyes at that sentence, let’s get something straight. Being super comes in all shapes and forms.

It can be going Pinterest crazy to the ultimate Pinterest fails. Super can be just getting chicken nuggets on the table for the 3rd night in a row. Your kid can be dressed perfectly but still have mismatched socks on because the washing machine really does seem to eat one of any pair.  Super can be putting yourself in time out because your child had a tantrum and you just can’t take it anymore. Super is letting your kids watch TV for longer than usual. Super can be ten minutes of outside play rather than twenty. Being super is when you smile at all the little things your kids do even if you have already seen it 1oo times.  Super is picking up a crying baby in the middle of the night. Super can be letting the baby cry it out while you lay in bed and cry. Super is playing a game when you have no energy left. Super is

Being a supermom is just doing the best you can sometimes.

Except in that moment when one crashes and it feels like you can’t do anything right at all.

Where does that leave a mom?

I heard the creak of a door open and a minute later, little arms wrapped around me holding tight.

“I love you, mommy.”

Through tear filled eyes, I smiled back. We got up and went to get his sister.

Being a supermom is to go on and do it all over again.

Even if there are crashes along the way.

You don’t always have to wear a cape to be a supermom. What are your proudest mommy moments where things didn’t go according to plan but they still were awesome? Join in on the conversation at 40 Wishes and Counting.

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