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If you’re expecting your second baby, you might want to take a moment to think how your first, now not so little bundle of joy is going to react to the news. It’s hard, they’ve had your undivided attention for months, if not years, and now they’ll be expected to share everything 50 /50 with someone who hasn’t even arrived yet!

Break It Gently

Some children won’t understand what having another baby means, others won’t care as long as they still get to play with their toys and others might worry about being replaced. So when’s the right time to tell them the news? Obviously, you want to get it out of the way before you start showing as they’ll end up being congratulated by friends and family on being a big brother or sister without realizing what’s happening. The best way to explain things is in plain, simple language they understand and tell them, roughly, when your due date is. However, don’t be surprised that their reaction to this huge reveal is asking you if they can watch cartoons.

Just Us Outings

In the run up to giving birth do make sure that you plan special treats, trips, and outings for your oldest son, or daughter, so they don’t feel left out. It’s also important that they still feel loved and wanted, and that you didn’t decide to have another baby because they weren’t good enough. Decide what you want to do in advance and don’t forget to consult your eldest on what they’d like to do. Why not treat your daughter to a room makeover? Especially if you’ve just decorated a brand new nursery in preparation for the new arrival. Have her pick out a ‘big girl’ bed if she’s old enough, a cute rug, curtains and a lovely new lamp as well a choosing the color for the walls. You could even have a ‘mommy and me’ photo shoot or have a family portrait done to remember all the fun you had together.

D-Day Assistant

Let your son, or daughter help you get ready for the baby by picking out clothes, toys, and other items and don’t forget you reassure them that no matter what you’ll always love them. A mother’s rights attorney will advocate that including your child in what’s going on is much better than trying, and failing, to keep things ‘normal’. It’s obvious that things are going to be very different, but that doesn’t mean that they won’t be brilliant! To help them understand what’s going to happen, you could let them help you pack your hospital bag or take them for a drive past the hospital before going for ice cream.

First Introductions

Once you’ve had the baby let their sibling visit as soon as possible! A cute idea is to buy a gift and say it’s from their little brother or sister, likewise allow your son or daughter to give their sibling a small present like a stuffed toy. Don’t worry if they aren’t best friends immediately they’ve got the rest of their lives to learn how to get along!

Pexels At: Pixabay

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