You & Your Dog’s Health: They’re Not Too Dissimilar!

You & Your Dog’s Health: They’re Not Too Dissimilar!

A lot of us can take a pet for granted, and if you’ve grown up around animals, you may be very aware of dogs and their temperaments. For anyone that is new to owning a pet, they are more similar to us than you realize. Much like us, they have a delicate nervous system and digestive system, and keeping them both maintained and functioning properly is the key to their overall health. So, here are the three pillars of health you need to think about.


A Dog’s Nervous System

A lot of pet owners probably don’t even think about the nervous system, but by looking after it, this will be one of the keys to their overall well-being. Very simply, the best way to look after your dog’s nervous system is to make sure that it is well fed. Meat forms a big part of the canine diet, and most dogs should eat meat on a regular basis, but many dog foods on the market are grain-based. This can result in inflammation and produce fat instead of muscle. Omega-3 is the key to developing their nervous system healthily, as your dog’s ancestors had a diet high in these Omega-3 fatty acids. Your dog’s ancestors feasted on bugs, meat from birds, or even fish. So it’s important to have as much unprocessed meat as possible in their diet, much like us!

Their Digestive System

There isn’t a complex equation, if they have a healthy digestive tract, they will feel much better overall. And much like feeding their nervous system, you need to feed them wholesome, nutritious food. The digestive system, if not functioning properly, will be the cause of all disease. So you need to make sure that you feed your dog according to their species, it’s also important to think about their bacteria, which forms approximately 70% of your dog’s immune system. Specifically, you need to feed their gut microbiome, and much like us the best way to do it is to give them probiotics. Dogs also need a high amount of fiber for a healthy digestive system, and in this they need prebiotics, not to be confused with probiotics, prebiotics is insoluble fiber which will help to feed the probiotics. And, much like us, you can feed them supplements if you want them to have a healthy dose of probiotics, and a varied diet including bananas and green leafy vegetables will be great for them, but also have a look at for essential and more detailed information.

Keeping On Top Of Their Health

Again, much like us, the importance of maintaining a base level of health is vital for their overall well-being. While you need to exercise them and make sure that they are in peak fitness, there are always going to be issues that will arise, and accidents can happen. It is vital that you have the dog registered with a veterinarian which will save you rushing around at the last second if something happens, but also you need to think about pet insurance. There are many resources for pet insurance such as on and it can be a headache to try and find the cheapest but most comprehensive pet insurance around. But much like us, if you don’t have life or health insurance in place, it’s going to be to your detriment.

A dog’s overall health and well-being are reliant on a good diet, so make sure you follow these three pillars, focus on their nervous system digestive system, but also make sure you keep on top of their health to ensure a healthy and happy dog.

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