Only Dog Owners Will Understand These Gross Things!

So if you haven’t got a dog, you might not quite understand that they can provide some gross and yucky moments! If you are a dog owner, you will, of course, know that already! Either way, read on for some advice that can help you now, or get you prepared for your some of the trickier pet care situations you may come across.

They wake you up with stinky kisses

On of the grossest things that poor dog owners have to put up with is being woken up every morning by your pupper’s dog breath! Yes, that right it’s the breath that could weld through steel it so strong!


While you appreciate the fact they are ever so glad to see you, starting your day in this way isn’t necessary the perfect thing be doing. But you can deal with bad breath by using products like these healthy dental chews for dogs. They help get rid of plaque and clean the teeth, so improving your pooches oral hygiene, their breath, and hopefully your morning!

You have to clean up their poop

Another super gross,  thing about being a dog owner is that you have to actually clear up after your dog once they have been to the toilet. Most folks use pooper scooper and bags for this, so they don’t have to handle it straight away. Yes, it is a little gross but it’s all just part of being a responsible dog owner.

In fact what is really gross is leaving your dog’s mess in public places like the stress or sand pits for anyone to step on. Or for kids to find when they are playing! This is massively unhygienic and should be avoided at all costs.

That wet dog smell

Now it might be that you don’t even notice that your canine friend has a smell anymore, but the likelihood is that they still do. It is probably that you have just become used to it. Just like what happens when you wear a perfume for a long time, and you can no longer smell it on yourself.

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Remember that a dog smell isn’t a pleasant smell at all, and needs to be dealt with if you want anyone to visit your home.

You best bet it to use air fresheners that actually neutralize odors as well as just mask them. It also a great idea to keep Fido’s coat clipped and tidy, and bathe him regularly to minimize the odor of dog in your home.

The love to roll in fox poop!

This particular issue is a nightmare for dog owners. You have done a nice thing, and you’ve taken Rover out on a long walk in the countryside. He is off the lead, and then you find him rolling around on the ground, in what you release too late is fox excrement. Yuk!

Why do they do it? Who knows! But what you do know is that you have to sort this out before you get your dog anywhere near your house again. Happily, there are now some products that you can keep in the back of your car that will deal with situations like these.

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