DIY Indoor Garden Starters For Kids

DIY Indoor Garden Starters For Kids

Spring has sprung, the birds are chirping, and the sun is shining here in Eastern Washington. Oh how I love Spring. The flowers everywhere are beautiful, even if they do wreak havoc on my allergies. We have been spending a lot of play time outside. Plenty of chalk art at our house.

This will be our third year with our garden and as each year goes, we have learned new things. Last year we bought a germination trough. I was like a wide eyed child every day looking for sprouts. It was one of the neatest things I have ever seen. I plan on having several starters this year with it. You can buy your own kit at your local hardware store or even Walmart. There are pre-wrapped dirt pods for them as well. I’d recommend the kit if you’re going to be transplanting them.

If you’re looking to start some simple vegetables and herbs to do in a window I’d recommend a DIY with supplies you’ll find in your kitchen. Audrey made three of her own and keeps checking them every few minutes to see if there are sprouts.

You’ll need the following:

A pot/container for growing.
Soil or dirt from your yard.
Seeds (plants , herbs or vegetables that don’t need a large amount of space)
An empty 2 liter soda bottle.
Rubber bands.
Plastic wrap or a plastic bag.

Cut the plastic bottle into thirds. You’ll only need the top part that is dome shaped and the bottom. Discard the middle. Try and keep the lid for extra security (you’ll understand why later in the post).

Fill your container with soil, nearly to the top. Saturate it well. If you have a self draining pot, don’t worry. Just make sure you do this outside or in a sink. Once the soil is fully soaked, put your seeds in the dirt. Read the seed packet for directions. Each seed needs to be planted differently.

DIY Indoor Garden Starters For Kids
As you can see, Audrey got excited with the watering can.

Once planted, place your soda bottle onto the container. If it doesn’t cover the dirt completely that’s alright. If you’re using plastic wrap, you’ll want to cut off enough to go over the top of the bottle and down past the edges of the container. Use a rubber band to secure it in place and do not leave any openings. If it’s a self draining pot, do the same on the bottom. If you use a plastic bag. Set the container inside of it and pull it up around the edges. Secure to the top of the bottle with a rubber band.

Keep them in a warm place for the next few days and soon you’ll see some tiny sprouts. If you notice that there isn’t condensation or the soil looks dry, then you can add water. Just seal it up again. Once your sprout is about again by inch above soil, you can remove your homemade greenhouse and set your plant in an area that will get a lot of sun.

Watch them grow and enjoy the fruits or vegetables of your labor.

What are you going to grow?

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